Friday, June 13, 2014

They Never Get It Right

Democrat Congressman Earl Blumenauer wants to take advantage of the shooting at Reynolds High School in Oregon to make more inane laws like “registering” your guns so government will know where they are when confiscation time comes. It’s just more of the same: force honest people who DO obey laws to tell them where they are while criminals and crazies ignore the law. Same stuff, different day. Doesn’t work. Do it anyway so it’ll look like he’s doing something.

BERGDAHL TO FRONT OF LINE: Sgt. Bergdahl isn’t going to be put on any “waiting list” for treatment like other soldiers who DID help defend us. He’s been brought to San Antonio and immediately put in a military hospital while good soldiers who DID their duty wait—and wait, and wait, some dying while waiting. Meanwhile, five murderous terrorists go gaily back to their old tricks, killing innocent people to make a political point.

Obama-created. When he “cut and ran” from Iraq, he signaled to the terrorists that you can now come back and retake what we took from you. It doesn’t matter that we lost lives taking it, come and take it back. We MIGHT come back and expend a few more lives to take it from you again, but don’t worry; after we do, we’ll leave again and you can take it back again and MAYBE we’ll come and take it back again, losing even more lives in the process. People like Obama should NEVER be allowed to give orders to the military.

BLAMING THE NRA: Any fool can see that he’s wrong, but Obama still blames “lax gun laws” created by the NRA for increasing gun violence today. Only problem with that is that gun violence is REDUCING because of the large number of states that have adopted REAL gun laws that ALLOW honest people to be armed and ready to repulse those ILLEGALLY armed criminals and crazies who IGNORE their silly gun laws. Obama thinks such laws CREATE gun violence, but, as usual, he’s WRONG. But his hard-head will not allow him to ADMIT it.

ONLY FOX NEWS: The Islamic terrorists are “coming back” in Iraq and “taking back” territory we expended many young lives to take away from them before Obama took over and ordered our troops to “cut and run,” leaving the Iraqis to their own devices, and the liberal media refused to tell us it was happening. Only Fox News did, and it MIGHT have been covered in the foreign press. The American media has been falling down on their job for as long as I can remember. They HATE Fox because they are doing the job they refuse to do.

“COULD NOT HAVE PREDICTED IT: Obama’s accomplices are saying “Nobody could have predicted what is happening now in Iraq, after our troops left. How then, did I predict it, even before he told them to run? Am I “nobody?” How stupid does Obama think we are? How stupid is HE? It’s only somebody IGNORANT who could not have predicted it. I predict that the same thing will happen in Afghanistan when we “cut and run” from there, too.

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