Thursday, June 12, 2014

The War Will Never Be Over

Not as long as One Islamic terrorist remains alive. Obama can “declare” the war in Afghanistan over and withdraw his troops, but the war will rage on, with people dying, as it did when he pulled his troops out of Iraq, where the terrorists are now occupying TWO cities we lost several lives to capture during the Iraq war. As soon as we leave, the Taliban will unleash hell on the Afghanis and take back what we took from them, and soon be back “in charge,” as they were before we came there.

GEORGE WASHINGTON ON GUNS: “ A free people ought not to be armed and disciplined, but they should have enough arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who would abuse them, which would include their own government.” Which tells us exactly what the Second Amendment is all about, no matter how much the liberals (“tories”) want to dispute that. It’s not about hunting! It’s about self-defense—even from your own government! That’s a simple concept, but one liberals will never understand.

IT WAS HILLARY’S IDEA: To use that insignificant YouTube video as an excuse for the Benghazi attack was Hillary’s idea. She somehow found out about that video and suggested it be used to cover up the fact that it WAS a terrorist attack, while she KNEW, in “real time,” that is wasn’t, because the terrorists got hold of, and USED State Department cell phones to report to their “superiors.” And now she’s saying those five bloody murderers we released are not a threat to America. That’s just as true as what she said about Benghazi.

THEY’RE COMING BACK: Islamic terrorists are “coming back” in Iraq, since we’re no longer there to oppose them and the Iraq army runs away. As I predicted when Obama first announced he was to “cut and run” from Iraq, they’re coming back, HARD. They’ve already taken over several cities we lost many people taking from them and are threatening Baghdad, itself. We’re “evacuating” the few people we have left there so they won’t get killed. Some non-military contractors are left there, too. But Obama is “dragging his feet” about getting them out.

VP “BITEME SAYS WE’LL HELP: VP Joe (BiteMe) Biden tells Iraq we’re ready to “intensify” security for the Iran government. Obviously, he’s verbalizing an Obama promise. So the Iraqis should know they are “on their own” for the most part. When Obama promises it, it’s almost certain it's a LIE. And Joe is just doing what Obama tells him. Of course, if we’d have stayed there until the terrorists were decimated, this wouldn’t be necessary.

WHY DID CANTOR LOSE? Because he forgot who his friends were, and made them into enemies, who helped defeat him. The Tea Parties are the best friends the Republican Party have ever had, but the “entrenched RINOS” don’t know that. Cantor swore to defeat the Tea Parties, but instead he got defeated. Maybe if some of the RINOS “smarten up” and make friends with the Tea Parties, they just MIGHT survive. But they’d better “toe the line” after the election, or they will be “thrown out” in the next election. The “Tea Parties” represent what the American people want, and they’d better get in line.

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