Monday, June 30, 2014

Is Hillary An Obsession?

Her claim to have been “dead broke” when she and Bill left the White House is ridiculous on its face. They may not have had a lot of “on hand” cash money, at the time, but they had a lot of assets, including TWO mansions in different places and contracts for millions of dollars in book advances. Which is why the world wants to know why she tried it. Liberals like to scorn “rich people,” although most all of them are rich, themselves. They don’t have any idea of what “broke” really is. What makes this something people like to concentrate on IS the liberal tendency to TRY and “identify” with REAL “poor people,” although they’re “rich as Croesus.” She is truly “out of touch.”

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?MSNBC’s expected decision to give Al Sharpton his own show is already stirring up the kind of controversy the Baptist minister, civil-rights advocate and former presidential candidate has made a career of courting.” Why would they give a guy whose whole life has been dedicated to “race baiting,” his own show? Maybe they WANT to stir up controversy as a way of increasing their audience from the TWO PEOPLE they now have. And the fact he is called a “Baptist minister” is laughable. The only reason he is a “minister” is he SAYS he is. Has he EVER been a real minister for a specific church? Probably not. All he wants to do is extort money out of people with “deep pockets” by threatening them with being labeled racist if they don’t give him money.

WHOOPI IS ALL THEY HAVE LEFT: Right after Barbara Walters left, they fired all the rest of the original cast, leaving “firebrand liberal” Whoopi Goldberg as the only remaining original member. Their ratings have been falling steadily, and they probably hope this will help. I doubt it. They need to get rid of Whoopi, too. But they won’t; they just don’t understand that their viewers are tired of her liberal bullderm. I give this sorry show maybe another year—if that.

RUSSIA SWOOPING IN: Obama won’t send Iraq any MEANINGFUL help, so Russia is “swooping to their rescue.” This is how Russia co-opts countries, prior to adding them to their “sphere of influence.” They go after ALL our “leavings” to increase their influence around the world. Now they have sent warplanes to Iraq to help them fight the Islamic terrorists who ALSO want to take Iraq over. But why they want get between Islamic factions is beyond me. We stayed out of it because our president is a wimp. We don’t need the trouble any more. He RAN from Iraq like a scared kitten, and we don’t need to go back to get between two Islamic factions.

THEY’RE NOT PHONY SCANDALS! Obama can’t make them so by saying it. They’re REAL and require answers, which we will never get out of Obama. He’s doing everything in his power to AVOID answering the questions we ask. The saga of the “lost e-mails” is as transparent a STALL as there ever was, PROVING the IRS scandal is VERY real. Demanding “contracts of silence” from those who were THERE in Benghazi proves THAT scandal to be real. The VA scandal is as real as it gets, with many vets DYING while waiting to be treated, How STUPID doe this FOOL think we are?

“A PEN AND A PHONE”: Obama (arrogance personified) thinks that’s all he needs to “rule” this country in any way he sees fit because there is a Congress that is scared to object in any meaningful fashion. He still thinks Congress is his to command, and if they don’t “do his bidding,” all he has to do is use his pen to sign an Executive Order to do what he wants, anyway, It’s really too bad the Founders made the mistake when writing the Constitution of not prescribing PUNISHMENT for politicians who violate it. Obama knows this and takes full advantage of it.

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