Monday, June 9, 2014

Bergdahl Says He Was Tortured

But I doubt it. I think he purposely left camp and LOOKED for the enemy so he could work with them to kill Americans. Soon after that the terrorist attacks became much more effective, as they would if they were being told how his former friends operated. I think he PRETENDED to “escape” so they could make a big thing about putting him in a cage to solidify his position as a “captive,” rather than a turncoat, while they “negotiated” to get some of their men released. That they got five of the worst terrorists in captivity released was just a bonus. I think they should look at Bergdahl (and his father) VERY closely.

OBAMA IS LYING: What ho! Is this something new? Obama ALWAYS lies. He’d rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better.. He says he had to “move quickly” to trade Sgt. Bergdahl because the Taliban was going to kill him, and that’s why he didn’t notify Congress. But there’s no evidence to support that. Surprise, surprise! Does this lie signal something underhanded? Maybe, maybe not. Since he’d rather lie than tell the truth in ALL cases, maybe it’s just him lying, for no reason, as he usually does.

WHY WOULD HE APOLOGIZE? The owner of “California Chrome” apologized for the statement he made right after losing the “Triple Crown” to a “fresher horse.” He criticized the system, saying they should NOT pit “tired horses” that have already run two major races in a short period against “fresh” horses who have not. That they should reserve the third race in the “Triple Crown” for horses who have RUN recently to make it fair. Now he has apologized. He told the truth. Why apologize? Maybe it’s because his remarks “offended” the “powers that be” in horse racing and they would, and could, retaliate against him with their rules. The usual. The same reason NASCAR drivers rarely criticize NASCAR.

KERRY: “IT’S BALONEY!” Sec. of State Kerry has labeled concerns that freed terrorists would “return to the fray” and kill more Americans “a lot of baloney.” I guess he thinks Obama himself added to the “baloney” when he said there is a “great possibility” they will return to the fray and kill more people. But the only “baloney” here is what is coming out of Kerry’s fevered mouth. The only way he DIDN’T become the world’s worst Sec. of State is he was preceded in office by that famous incompetent, Hillary Clinton.

A STUNNING DEFEAT! Terrorists are regarding the release of five of their top men as a “great victory” over the Americans. They’re greeting the five murderers we “traded” for One turncoat deserter as heroes when they got “home” after being released . Anybody who thinks they WON’T “return to the fray” and kill many more Americans as well as others, are really stupid (Sec. of State Kerry take note). Terrorists themselves have SAID that this gives them “more incentive to kidnap more soldiers.” Further, there’s NO CHANCE that five men as valuable to the terrorists as them do NOT go back to killing Americans is “slim to none.” Anybody who says otherwise if a damned fool. But there are lots of them in DC

TRADE 5 DEMOCRATS; Rand Paul says to Obama: “You like to trade people, why don’t you trade five Democrats to Mexico for that unfortunate ex-Marine they’re holding there? Send them Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Peelosi, Harry Reid, and several others I could mention but whose names I forgot (there are no shortages of candidates in DC). You’d kill two birds with one stone: get rid of some crappy politicians and free an American Marine. But you don’t really CARE about that ex-Marine, do you? You don’t even care much about Bergdahl, except he’s in “your corner.” He and his dad agree with you, which makes them your “friends.”

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