Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I Don't Get Free Cable

But those murderous terrorists in GITMO do. They get 100 channels and free newspapers, too. So they can keep up on the successes their buddies have had, thanks to Obama’s weak “leadership.” Obama talks about closing GITMO, but there is no reason to DO so. Not a REAL one, anyway. Let them use it as a recruiting tool. We’ll happily kill the new ones, right along with the old ones. If he closes it, he’ll just have to open a new one. “rearranging the deck chairs.”

NO POSSIBLE WAY! There is absolutely NO WAY they “lost” TWO YEARS’ WORTH of Lois Lerner’s e-mails. There are too many redundancies built into their computer systems. Those e-mails are filed away SOMEWHERE. They’re flat-out LYING to facilitate the cover-up, while Obama goes out and calls it a “phony scandal,” saying, “There isn’t s ‘smidgen’ of corruption in the IRS.” Boy, I needed a good laugh, and he gave it to me! Obama insults our intelligence every day. He thinks we’ll believe ANYTHING!

THEY FINALLY DID IT: They finally went into Libya and arrested a “suspect” in the Benghazi terrorist attack. Obama was getting so much pressure he couldn’t NOT grab this guy, who was SEEN in a video of the attack, on the scene, and who actually gave interviews to CNN and other news agencies, in which he BRAGGED about his part in that attack. Now we’ll see what happens to him. He is accused of KILLING at least one person himself in the attack. Will we keep him prisoner for a while, then let him go, as we have done with other terrorists we have captured? I'm watching.

Hillary says sales of her latest book are lagging. Just not up to expectations. A veteran publishing source is calling it “a bomb.” Simon & Schuster is very nervous, in view of the $14 million advance they gave her, and I’d BET her contract does NOT require her to return any of its sales are no good. Add to that the MILLION books they printed and shipped to bookstores, many of which will be returned and ultimately sold as “remainders,” if at all. Maybe we’re just trying to tell her something. “Don't bother running for president.”

RESTRICTING USE OF FORCE: While cops are making SWAT raids on innocent people because their grass is too high and too close to the road, fining them multi thousands of dollars for it, they’re now RESTRICTING Border Control officers’ use of force in doing their job in the face of MULTITUDES of children crossing the border as well as the adults, some of whom have no “use of force” restrictions on THEM. This is a typical Obama move. When things get bad, “lighten up” on enforcement, making jobs much harder.

After promising NOT to send any troops to Iraq to help the government push back terrorists, now he has announced that he’s sending “a small number” of troops in to “help” and probably be killed, since they’ll be the only ones actually FIGHTING in some areas, while Iraqi troops run away. I wonder how many times this will be for some of those soldiers? Who finally got home alive and may be killed this time because he’s not sending enough to make a difference.

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