Friday, June 27, 2014

Destroying the Constitution

In the “small print” of a recent Supreme Court decision, they created a situation in which the president can “change the Constitution, simply by VIOLATING it enough times (how many times is “enough times?”) with a “compliant Congress (meaning one that does not object “too much.”) The question in my mind is, who gets to DECIDE how much is “too much?” Seems to me the Founders made specific instructions on the ONLY way it could be changed. Somebody needs to read these Supreme Court decisions a LOT more carefully BEFORE they’re handed down.

HIDING LAWS IN OTHER LAWS: There are several onerous provisions HIDDEN in the Obamacare law that have nothing to do with health insurance. I don’t know what they all are, because I haven’t been able to get a copy of that law so I can read it and find out, as Nancy Peelosi infamously said. But I’m sure this one law is not the only one in which onerous provisions have been added, on the QT, to other legislation and nobody knows it’s there until Obama’s thugs come around to enforce it.

COREY GARDNER: EXTREME? That’s the gist of the opposition to Corey Gardner’s run for the Senate in Colorado. And the REASON they cite is that he is opposed to murdering innocent children in the womb (and now out of it, too). I never thought I’d see the day when being opposed to MURDER would be considered “extreme.” But in this topsy-turvy world where men can “marry” men and women can “marry” women, and presumably a man could marry a dog, it’s not so surprising.

TORNADO WARNINGS IN SPANISH? One thing bothers me, and liberals will probably call me a racist for it, but I just don’t give  damn what liberals think, or say. What it is, is every time a “tornado warning” comes on the television these days, they emphasize the Spanish language version of the warning. The warning is three pages long and TWO of them are in Spanish. In AMERICA! Where English is THE language! I’d lay ODDS they don’t emphasize the English language in similar warnings in Mexico, just like they punish illegal aliens coming INTO Mexico HARD while criticizing us for our immigration laws, even though Obama does NOT.

IS LERNER A MUSLIM, TOO? She has been found to have granted the Muslim Brotherhood tax exempt status with no problem or delay as far back as the Bush administration. That eliminates the possibility she did it to please Obama. We had never heard of Obama and his willingness to make Muslim terrorists happy at that time. Why was she so willing then, while at the same time giving “right-wingers” all kinds of delays and inane, stupid questions? I don’t know, but it does make me think there is a lot more to the Lerner case than anybody ever thought.

IS IT A CONSPIRACY? Several other people involved in the scandal at the IRS involving giving “right-wingers” a hard time while passing left-wingers through without even looking at their applications have “lost e-mails,” too, leading me to believe there is a massive cover-up in the IRS. Why are so many IRS employees “losing” their e-mails, just when Congress demands to look at them? Is there something in there that is incriminating? The IRS is losing ALL credibility here.

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