Saturday, June 7, 2014

It's Not Over, Dammit!

Liberals in the news media keep talking about the “fact” that “the war in Afghanistan is winding down.” It’s not. The war is going on as much today as it has been for years because the Islamic terrorists are not going to stop fighting until we’re all dead. The only reason it may look like it’s “winding down” is because Obama is going to “cut and run.” They use this excuse to justify releasing five bloody murderers in return for ONE “turncoat.” It’s a load of bullsh-t. The war with Islamic terrorism has been going on for hundreds of years. Afghanistan is just the latest theater in that war as it continues. Is Obama stupid enough to not know that?

Islam teaches its adherents to hate EVERYBODY who doesn’t believe the exact same way they do (including other Muslims) and want to kill them if they can’t convert them. That’s the SINGLE principle that guides Muslim terrorists, and they think if they die in that attempt, they will go to “Paradise” and have 74 virgins to screw around with forever. (How they remain virgins after he’s been with them, I don’t understand). But then, I’m an intelligent, logical man. They’re not. They BELIEVE this drivel. The Mullahs keep the “rank and file” Muslims ignorant for that purpose. With knowledge comes questioning what they’ve been taught. They can’t have that.

OBAMA’S END? I think Obama miscalculated terribly on his actions surrounding the release of FIVE bloody murderers in exchange for an American soldier that is a dedicated Jihadist who has sworn he was a “warrior for Allah!” He was surprised at the vehemence of the opposition to this exchange, not just because it required him to release five terrorists to go back and kill more Americans, but because the whole thing was “setup” from the word go. It was just days after Bergdahl went missing (walked away from his camp and went looking for the enemy) that pressure for an “exchange” began. Will this be Obama’s “I’m not a criminal” statement? Will it cause his political demise?

LIBERAL CONDESCENSION: They ask people like Rush Limbaugh if he really BELIEVES the things he says. They just can’t believe conservatives BELIEVE what we believe. They’re THAT arrogant. I guess one of the reasons they think that way is that THEY don’t believe everything they say, but they say it, anyway. And they think we’re that way, too. They just can’t understand someone who has solid values and KEEPS them. Who doesn’t change his views every time the wind changes.

THERE’S THAT RACIST LIE AGAIN: Politician Charlie Christ has gone Democrat. He SAYS that the reason he did it is because he got tired of the RACISM in the Republican Party, which is COMPLETELY contrary to the truth. It’s a flat-out LIE! The DEMOCRAT Party is the “party of racists.” They FILIBUSTERED the Equal Rights Amendment; many of them were (are, in some cases) members of the Ku Klux Klan—some of them high-ranking members, “Jim Crow,” the SYMBOL of racism, was a Democrat. It was DEMOCRATS who manned the water hoses in the Mississippi demonstrations Dr, King led. Yet they have the GALL to call the Republicans racist! Damn!

HE SAYS HE’S SORRY: Who cares? The shooter in the shooting at a Seattle University that killed one student says he’s “sorry for the pain I’ve caused.” So what? He should have thought of that before he ran in and started shooting. I’m really tired of shooters “apologizing” for the murders they have committed after they get caught. An apology then means NOTHING. It’s not going to make the court go easier on him, nor is it going to mollify the family of the student he murdered, nor should it. It is what it is. That student is DEAD. No amount of “apology” is going to make a difference.

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