Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Spend More Money!"

That’s the “knee-jerk solution” to all problems for liberals, and at least one Democrat put it forward to solve the “obesity” problem in our schools. Haven’t I heard that before, many times, to “solve” many problems? Seems like the Democrats have only ONE solution to ANY problem: spend money. Any time Democrats see a “problem,” they want to spend more of our money on it, whether or not more money will DO anything about the “problem.”

ANNOUNCING HIS STUPIDITY AGAIN: Harry Reid, who seems to be suffering from senility, reaffirmed his stupidity yet again by saying he’s GLAD those five murderous terrorists have been freed from GITMO.  What has this fool been SMOKING? Closing GITMO would be the MOST stupid thing Obama ever did, and he has done some doozies. It’s about time we sent this damned fool packing, back to Nevada where he can only screw Nevadans.

JUST LIKE BENGHAZI: They tell a false story, repeat it over and over, then start dissembling and changing it when the real facts start coming out, slowly until it is no longer recognizable. That’s what they did on Benghazi and what they’re now doing on the Bergdahl story. The original story has him being captured during battle. Now they have him ”walking away” from his unit and being captured. Which is the real story? Probably the second one, if I know Obama and his henchmen. Maybe neither. Maybe the REAL story has yet to come out. With Obama, that’s more like it.

FEINSTEIN APOLOGIZES FOR “OVERSIGHT”: They picked yet another unlikely spokesperson to speak for them. Sen. Feinstein, famous for pointing a loaded machine gun at everybody in the crowd at an anti-gun rally, while being legally armed herself has “apologized” for the :”oversight” of not notifying Congress 30 days BEFORE turning five murderers loose in trade for ONE American deserter. I don’t believe a WORD of it. You don’t “forget” to obey a law you, yourself signed into law earlier this year. And Obama did just that.

WHEN, INDEED? Ted Cruz asks rhetorically, “When did the Democrats abandon the Bill of Rights? But the answer is something Cruz might not expect. You can’t abandon something you never believed in, in the first place. So the answer is, NEVER. Liberals the world over have never believed in the “rights of man,” and thus never believed in the Bill of Rights; period. So how can they "abandon" it?

YA THINK BIRDS ARE STUPID? I just watched a fascinating video where small birds, once “locked in” to a parking garage where they lived by the adding of an automatic door, run by “motion detectors” to open and close it. Not to be denied, the birds learned how to trip the motion-detected doors and fly in and out at will. Pretty much ruins that old saw, “bird-brained,” doesn’t it? I’ve also seen cats jump up and open doors by turning door handles, jump up and hit switches to turn lights on and off, and dogs who figured out how to get the fridge open to get treats. Animals are smarter than you think.

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