Monday, June 2, 2014

How Many More Will Die?

Since blabbermouth VP Joe Biden let the cat out of the bag that the “baddest guys” in our arsenal were the Seal Teams and that the Seal Team Six got Osama (if it was, indeed Osama and not one of his doubles)? Since then, how many Seal Team members have been targeted and MURDERED in retaliation? First it was that helicopter full of Seals that was shot down. More recently it was the “hit job” on TWO former Seal Team members.  And yet not a single word of acknowledgement or appreciation of their heroism from Obama’s White House. What a self-absorbed bastard this president is!

WHAT’S WITH HILLARY? Democrats are determined to run her for president again, even though she lost horribly the last time, before we even learned of all her “negatives.” They really think they can win with her and have four or eight more years of Obama-like policy positions. They think she can then continue Obama’s moving this country further toward socialism—and they may be right. If she gets elected, and there are enough stupid voters out there to make that possible if Republicans stay home, she will definitely be Obama 3, and 4. For my part, her part in the Benghazi fiasco bars her from ever becoming president.

WHY DID HE LEAVE CAMP? The American soldier who left his safe camp, got kidnapped, and held for five years, resulted in the “escape” (release) of FIVE top-ranked terrorist murderers. Is he a hero? I don’t think so. I think he brought whatever happened to him on himself by leaving that camp unarmed, and by himself). And I’m confident the release of these FIVE killers will result in the deaths of many Americans. Not only that, Obama blatantly BROKE THE LAW by doing that “trade” without the approval, or even KNOWLEDGE of Congress. That’s an impeachable offense, in itself. But will ANYBODY have the gonads to start proceedings and carry it through? Not likely.

WAR IS ENDING: “When you end a war, you release prisoners of war. That’s what we’re doing.” That war is NOT “ending. Obama is telling our troops to “cut and run.” The war will continue, with or without us. People will continue to die because they didn’t convert to Islam at the point of a gun. Obama, a confirmed Islam SUPPORTER, has released five more bloody murderers to kill again. I’ll be watching to see how many people they are responsible for killing. And write it down on Obama’s list. Obama is a CRIMINAL. Innocent people are DYING because of his policies.

HOW MANY MORE MUST DIE? We’ve (not me) elected a MONSTER to be our president. He violates the law DAILY. Why do we (not me) allow him to get away with his CRIMES? How many more people (not just soldiers) must DIE before we get rid of this FOOL? They say it will take too long to impeach him. But if impeaching him keeps him from being president ONE DAY sooner, that’s better than the alternative.

DON’T LISTEN TO THE LIBERALS: Liberals tell us confidently that if we offer somebody like Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, Allen West, or certain other people they don’t approve of, we will lose. They’re LYING, as usual. They don't know it, but they’re telling us who we SHOULD run against them and they’re deathly AFRAID we will. You can always depend on liberals to tell us who they FEAR. Look at the people they try hardest to demonize and discredit, and you have it. Stop LISTENING to their braying and elect some GOOD PEOPLE.

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