Sunday, June 29, 2014

Creating A Circus

Obama is creating a circus when he brings that Benghazi terrorist to Washington, DC to “try” him on charges coming out of the consulate attack that resulted in the deaths of our ambassador and three others. It WILL be a “circus,” with press and spectators all over the place, taxing the DC cops and costing a lot of money. He should have sent him to GITMO and tried him there, in a controlled atmosphere, in a MILITARY court. But that wouldn’t work for him, since he is trying to close GITMO. That would admit GITMO is good for something.

RACISM WAS ALMOST GONE: Until Obama came on the scene. Now it is on everybody’s minds, as Obama accuses everyone who as much as disagrees with him of being racist. He looks at EVERYTHING through the “race prism.” He is as much white as he is black, but he CHOOSES to be black so he can make those accusations. In doing so, he has set back race relations in this country for years. If racism was so bad in this country, how did so many blacks get elected (including those in the southern states), including HIM? He’s a FOOL, black or white.

APOLOGY NO GOOD: In Georgia, a SWAT Team threw a “flash-bang grenade” into a house in an effort to dislodge a “bad guy,” and it landed right in a toddler’s crib, seriously injuring the child, and they have not apologized. Not that an apology would have made things better. The child is still disfigured for life. But the worst part of this is that the SWAT Team has NOT apologized, signaling that they do not care.

DRONES OVER BAGHDAD: Obama has armed drones airborne over Baghdad. But will he use them? If Americans are attacked, will those drones come to their rescue? Considering his past record, particularly in Benghazi, it’s doubtful. I think they are there only for show. To convince Americans he is “doing something.” Obama is “all show, all the time.” If they are needed, he will claim that “the only drone in the area was broken and could not be used.” That’s how he operates.

“FUELING” THE CRISIS: Russia is accusing us of “fueling” the Ukranian “crisis.” Of course, that ignores the fact that there would BE no “Ukranian crisis” if they hadn’t created it themselves in their efforts to put the old “Soviet Union” back together. Politics is hell, isn’t it? They go in and bully their former satellites and we’re “fueling the crisis” when we object. How many people are going to DIE or have their lives ruined while Putin “resurrects” the old Soviet Union?

BEST WAY TO STOP ILLEGAL ALIENS: Democrats may have come up with what may be the very best way to stop illegal immigrants. They’re sending Nancy Peelosi down to greet them in person. One look at that ugly puss will send them screaming back into Mexico, I can’t think of a batter way to frighten them off than to let them look at Nancy’s ugly mug, first thing on entering. Nothing else seems to have worked. Maybe this will. It’s certainly worth a try. If we can just convince Nancy to stay down there a while. A secondary benefit would be that Nancy could not crap on us while she’s on the border.

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