Wednesday, June 18, 2014

He Released Murderers

Obama released the man from our captivity some years ago who is now the head if ISIS in Iraq; the organization that is wantonly murdering THOUSANDS of innocent people and beheading them; the ones they don’t just stone to death, anyway. How many dead people will those RECENTLY released be responsible for? Obama doesn’t care; he just released MORE Islamic terrorists, quietly. If that isn’t “aiding and abetting the enemy,” I don’t know what IS!

MY GAWD! WE’RE STUPID! The Wall Street Journal and NBC asked (liberals only) who is the most admired ex-president in recent years, and the name that came up was Bill Clinton. That answers a lot of questions for me, in how we got into such a lousy state. Bill Clinton is a known cocksman who will RAPE a woman if she doesn’t “put out,” then tell her, “Better get something on that,” referring to her bruises and scrapes. He told the children of the world that oral sex ISN’T sex, thus causing oral sex among children to skyrocket! And this is ADMIRED? What kind of STUPID people are voting?

OBAMA WAS SECOND: In that poll mentioned above, the SECOND most admired president is Barack Obama. Never mind he has spent more of our money than there IS, leaving our great-great grandchildren to pay his bills, who is about finished DESTROYING this country as we know it; or on whose watch MILLIONS of people are unemployed and he doesn’t give a damn. Who presided over one of the WORST economies, EVER. And he’s still “admired?”

CHICAGO GUN VIOLENCE DOWN: Despite reports of a “bloody weekend” in Chicago, the number of gun deaths is DOWN in Chicago. It’s just that it was so high; it’ll take a while to come down pre-gun ban levels. Maybe the increase in concealed carriers among the “good guys” will reduce gun violence naturally, as the “good guys” kill off those armed bad guys who buy their guns in back alleys out of the car trunks of other “bad guys.”

PATENT OFFICE JOINS FIGHT: The world is crapping all over the owner of the Redskins. The world wants to force the owner of the team to sell it (probably at a loss) because of some statements he made (in private, and were recorded by his girlfriend, for whatever reason), who released the recording to the world (why, I can’t fathom except to say she really must hate him). Now the U. S. Patent Office has taken the UNPRECEDENTED step of CANCELING the trademark on the team’s name (I’m not even sure they CAN do that without SOME court action)! Boy! Talk about “piling on!” There was no court involved, some unnamed bureaucrat (probably a liberal) decided, on his own (probably at Obama's request), to take the right to own their name away from them. This was done on somebody’s WHIM. That somebody should be FIRED, with NO separation payment. It doesn’t matter if he is a racist or not. This should NOT have been done.

“DOUBLING DOWN”: Obama, while still reeling from the reaction to his releasing of five bloody murderers to gain the release of a deserter, answers it by (quietly) releasing 12 MORE! Ten are Pakistanis and Pakistan says they will “watch them” to make sure they have no terrorist connections. Do you believe that? If you do, I want to sell you a bridge in Brooklyn. What excuse he gave for this bullsh-t action, I don’t know. As far as I know, he didn’t even bother to MAKE an excuse. He doesn’t care WHAT you think. When is America going to realize Obama is AN AGENT OF THE ENEMY?

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