Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Creating "Jack-Booted Thugs"

The federal government is giving free military equipment to local police and making them into a bunch of “jack-booted thugs” who burst into private homes without warrants and KILL those who oppose them, something those homeowners are legally allowed to do. What is this country coming to if those militarized cops don’t get PERSONALLY punished when they do this? Not sued; the taxpayers pay when that happens. They should face CRIMINAL charges themselves and have their careers and lives ruined.

“YOU ONLY NEED SO MUCH MONEY”: That’s what Obama thinks. And if you have more than that arbitrary amount (set by him) in your retirement account, he plans to take everything above that amount. What the hell makes him think he has the right to tell you how much you NEED? And what the hell makes him think he has the right to STEAL anything over that amount? Damn, this fool really likes to exceed his authority in all things. He should be arrested and IMPRISONED for many of the things he does.

OBAMA “CRACKS DOWN” ON CRIMINALS: Except himself. He doesn’t like competition. All the money criminals steal leaves that much less for HIM to steal. And frankly, he’s already stolen more money than there IS, and his counterfeiting operation (The Fed) is merrily printing more and more (billions every day). But if you do it, you’re going to prison. Bet on it.

VIOLATING “ESPIONAGE ACT”: The army private who leaked info to Wikileaks is charged with “violating the espionage act” and “aiding the enemy” by leaking that info. But what about Obama giving BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to the enemy? Shouldn’t he be facing the same charges? But NO! He’s the PRESIDENT. He can break ANY law with impunity. Damn!

YOU DON’T “NEED” IT!: Obama has some funny ideas about what we “need.” He says we only “need” so much money in our retirement account and he’s going to steal everything above that amount. He says we don’t “need” a gun for self defense, while the cops readily admit they “can’t be everywhere at once” and therefore can only “clean up after” the crime has been committed if you call them.

UNIONS CREATING UNEMPLOYMENT: They’re doing it again, folks! Unions are trying to get the minimum wage raised from $7.25 to $15 and hour. Which is more than McDonald’s, Burger King and others who offer “entry-level” employment, mostly to kids who still live at home, can afford to pay, considering their slim profit margin. That will make for fewer jobs and fewer employed people. The unions successfully ran Hostess Cakes out of business, thus creating thousands of unemployed people. Now they’re trying to do it with national companies.

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