Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What FOOLS They Think We Are!

The Taliban says it’s willing to release ONE American if we release FIVE terrorists. Do they think we’re FOOLS? Do they think five terrorists are worth the release of even ONE American so they can go back home and keep killing innocents? I wonder how many more American dead we will be able to put on their list if we fall for this? The better question is, “What kind of FOOLS are THEY?

HOMELAND SECURITY POLICE: They’ve been “monitoring” Tea Party events all over the country as if the Tea Parties were “subversive.” Notice there were only a few locals “monitoring” the recent LIBERAL demonstrations (the “Occupiers”). Only FOOLS think the Tea Parties represent a threat. They only want the REST of us to think so. If you went up to one of those “police” and asked them where they get their “authority, they’ll phony-up something to arrest you for, just for asking. Bet on it. They’ll probably come after me for this item.

IS SNOWDEN A CHINESE SPY? That’s the only reason why he would flee to a Chinese protectorate in my opinion, knowing they are mostly our enemies and are, themselves, spying on us. Frankly, he is a “treasure trove” or American secrets for them. Why would they extradite him until after they’ve gotten all the secrets he has out of him? He’s either a Chinese spy or a fool. One or the other; or both.

IRS GETS $70 MILLION BONUSES: If a governmental agency gets itself in trouble, as the IRS has, what do you do? Give them $70 million in bonuses for their fine work. That’s the kind of “in your face” governing Obama does. He gave the woman in charge of the unit that was harassing Tea Party and other conservative organizations a PROMOTION and the other got a “paid vacation” WITHOUT taking her computer rights away, too. Holder will probably get a medal for "Fast & Furious."

AMERICANS TO FIGHT FOR THE TERRORISTS: Obama is sending troops to Egypt to “assist” the Muslim Brotherhood in putting down anti-Muslim riots. In other words, help protect the Muslim Brotherhood (Islamic terrorist) “government” of Egypt stay in power. If ever there was an “in your face” act, this is it. Can’t he understand they are the ENEMY? I still think they are NOT, to him. He does way too many things to HELP them to suit me.

MORE BLUE STATES? I don’t know why they started calling states where Republicans get more votes than Democrats, “blue states,” but it is well established, so I guess I’ll have to go with it. But somebody on Fox said there are more blue states than red. Where did he get that? Not only are red states more numerous than blue states, they make more money. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because liberals think you don’t need to make a profit to survive in business (unless your business is government).

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