Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weiner's Waving His Weiner Again

Somebody needs to tell disgraced former congressman, now mayoral candidate in New York that nobody’s interested in seeing pictures of his aging weenie. He has the gall to run for MAYOR after the original incident, and he might win, considering the intelligence of New York voters. The problem is not that he sent pictures of his little weenie to people who don’t want to see it (which included just about everybody), but that he actually thinks that’s an intelligent practice. That reveals a certain LACK of intelligence on his part that should send him running homeward, never to be heard from in politics again.

WHO NEEDS COLLEGE? Liberals (Democrats) make a big thing about getting a college education, but who needs it? If you want to be a doctor, lawyer, or several other professions that allow you to charge phenomenal rates for your time, yes. But for the “average” human being, no. I couldn’t afford to go to college and didn’t want to be in debt for that much as soon as I “hit the ground running.” I’m not rich, but I’ve done pretty well. I’ve made pretty good money all my life as a sign painter WITHOUT a college education. So who needs it? It’s overpriced and unnecessary.

POOR MUSLIMS: They cry about all the things they have to put up with in America after Muslim extremists knocked down TWO buildings containing almost 3,000 people who died, plus the deaths of all those helpless souls in those airplanes they used to do it. They wonder why many people see an obvious Muslim and shun them. It’s not that all Muslims do these things; it’s what this has revealed about the activities of most Muslims, such as child sex, women’s genital mutilation, treating their women as slaves, jailing women for “sex outside of marriage” after being raped, and many other things their BIBLE (The Koran) tells them to do. I have no sympathy for them. They're good at being "victims."

NSA’S INCOMPETENCE: In response to a Freedom of Information Act request (it should be called a demand) they replied that, with the antiquated system they were using, they could not even read THEIR OWN e-mails, let alone ours. If this is true, I wouldn’t worry overmuch about them reading our e-mails. Unfortunately, this is probably just a scam to get out of complying with FOIA Requests.

UN TRIES TO CONTROL OUR WORDS: They don’t want us to use the words, “illegal immigrants,” but instead use, “irregular immigrants.” Okay, I won’t; but not because I’m told not to by an insignificant organization that has no power over me, but because I already call these people “illegal ALIENS.” For the information of the UN, I don’t allow ANYBODY to tell me what words I can use. They’re fools for trying. Those who comply are fools, too. We worry WAY too much about what the UN wants us to do.

GIVING WELFARE TO ILLEGALS: Our laws allow us to extend welfare immediately to illegal aliens (Sorry PC Police, go suck an egg). That’s a damn fool thing to do in the first place, and should be ended. It provides a “gold-plated invitation” to illegals to come here illegally. AMERICANS can’t get welfare, or any other kind of assistance without a lot of hassle, so why should it be easier for people who violate the law just by coming here?

IT WAS A GAY THING! Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend, who tells us she was on the phone with him just before the fight with Zimmerman started, now tells us she thought it was a GAY MAN stalking him. Apparently she thought stalking and beating up on a gay man was okay and killing him in return wasn’t. Apparently she thought this mixed martial arts trained kid wasn’t up to stopping a gay man without banging his head on the sidewalk. This shows her complete lack of intelligence.

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