Monday, July 22, 2013

200 Camera Crews

That’s outside Buckingham Palace, awaiting the birth of the next heir to the British Throne. Speaking liberal, I ask, “How many hungry mouths could the money they spend for that spend?” Aside from the obvious question: “Of what importance is this to anybody outside of England?” But Obama LOVES the attention being directed AWAY from his CRIMES. As long as we’re only paying attention to the birth of a new royal heir, we don’t have time to wonder why he breaks the law on a regular basis.

FIGHTING TO MURDER BABIES: In Texas, they passed a stiff law against abortions after a certain length of time and they’re “fighting like cats and dogs” to keep their right to KILL THEIR BABIES right up to the time of birth, and maybe AFTER birth. Abortion promoters think it’s right, and should be legal to KILL the result of sex without birth control even if it does involve stopping a beating heart or having to cut a newborn infant’s spinal chord. It’s our own HOLOCAUST, but instead of being limited to only six million deaths, it’s a lot more, and the number is mounting every day.

Will the feds bail out Detroit? Probably. The theme in ALL the problems now faced by governments, all over the world, is “giving things to people who have not EARNED them, and bailing out Detroit, “which is too big to fail,” gives Obama yet another excuse to give money to more people who did not earn it. Detroit is an example of the “Domino effect” of the failure of the auto industry to operate competently for years. The auto industry failed to think of the ramifications of the lavish retirement pension agreements they made with the unions and, when the auto industry failed to live up to those promises, the City of Detroit failed, along with it.

WE’RE A REAL RACIST COUNTRY: So Detroit goes broke; and who do we appoint to find a solution to their problems? A black man, of course! What do racists do, except to find a willing black man to take on an IMPOSSIBLE job? That’s what racists do, right? We’ve elected a lot of black people to go to Washington, too. Why? Because “bailing out Washington” is an impossible job, so, of course, we give that job to lots of black people, right? (In case you're wondering, this is ridiculle, not seriousness.)

OBAMACARE FAILING: And Obama is “whistling while walking past the graveyard.” He has, many time lately, made speeches in which he says, “Obamacare is working!” It is NOT unless you consider it is working--for him in his quest to make this into a socialist country). It has already raised the cost of health insurance--as he planned. He has found it necessary to suspend enforcement of large portions of it, first to his friends, and now to others who will be drastically effected by it. Now even the UNIONS, which helped him pass it, are crying about how badly it’s going to hurt its own people. Already business has found it necessary to reduce the number of hours in a work week so they will not have to pay the RUINOUS cost of it while Obama keeps lowering the “official” work week to keep them “in the fold.” This man is a FOOL who refuses to realize it’s a “train wreck.” And back off.

“FRAUD CAN’T BE THE ARGUMENT”: Democrats use this flimsy argument every time somebody comes up with that argument against a government program because there’s so much of it. What? Just because there’s so many murders, do we ignore murder in the law? Just because hanging Islamic terrorists causes (in their twisted minds) better recruitment of crazy terrorists, should we stop punishing Islamic terrorists because they use that punishment to promote recruiting?

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