Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Obsessing About Royal Babies

Who the hell cares? While the world is going to hell in a handbasket, thr media is obsessing on the birth of the next heir to the throne of England, and the return of Twinkies to store shelves. They spend hours of reporting time on such things, completely ignoring the fact that Obama is doing the same thing to this country that Lenin did to Russia, and that Hitler did to Germany. Are we (not me) STUPID? Are we (not me) going to remain asleep while Obama RAPES us as those two did to their countries?

WHAT KIND OF STUPID PEOPLE DOES IT TAKE? How much stupidity does it take to play football? Is this guy (Roddy White) brain damaged? Not all football players are stupid, but it seems enough of them are to give football a bad name. From fighting dogs to murder, to big mouths who don’t know what they’re saying, but say it anyway, you’ll find it all in football. Then you get a stupid statement like “All them jurors should go home tonight and kill themselves for letting a grown man get away with killing a kid.” Yeah, right! A “kid” who was beating the hell out of this overweight, out of shape older man. A kid who, instead of just going home when he saw a man watching him, attacked that man and was sitting on his stomach beating that man’s head on the concrete sidewalk when he got shot.

HOLDER INVESTIGATES HIMSELF: And for some reason, he can’t find himself guilty of anything. Not even “gun-running” to the Mexican drug cartels or unlawfully refusing to enforce SOME laws that he doesn’t agree with, especially against “his people.” Why we allow criminals to “investigate” themselves, I don’t know. Except that those who should be investigating the criminals in our government are criminals themselves and don’t want to “upset the applecart.”

NO COMPARISON: Trayvon Martin’s attorney says, “Trayvon Martin’s name will go down in history right along with Medgar Evers as symbols for equal justice for all.” WRONG! Medgar Evers was killed in a unmistakable racist act by DEMOCRATS. Martin was NOT. He was killed while he was trying to kill somebody for the awful crime of “watching” him. There was nothing racist in this, no matter how hard the media tries to “whip it up” with the help of the “race whores.” including Obama.

LOOKING LIKE THE ARMY: Black Panther Party people try their best to look like some kind of army people, going around wearing black uniforms, some with high-ranking officer’s insignia on their collars—ranks they have conferred upon themselves. They don’t know how people laugh at their pretentiousness. Yes, they Are a threat to good order, but any attempt to put that threatening look to work is ILLEGAL and they WILL be brought to justice—unless Holder decrees otherwise.

PRO ABORTION PROTESTERS LIE: They carry signs saying, “Pro-Choice is the majority.” It is NOT. The majority doesn’t condone murdering unborn, innocent babies as a replacement for a rubber when having sex. If you don’t want a baby, use a rubber or don’t have sex. But don’t kill the result if you “get caught.” That’s MURDER, no matter what the Supreme Court says. At one time the Supreme Court approved slavery, too—until wiser heads prevailed.

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