Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More Zimmerman

At the risk of continuing the obsession over George Zimmerman, I must make one more comment. This case should never have made it to trial. Only Obama putting unbelievable pressure on Florida officials caused it to come to trial. The police chief was FIRED for refusing to file this unbelievably weak case and not wanting to waste money trying a fruitless case against an innocent man. It was ALL political, from “day one.” They tried HARD to make it about race, when it wasn’t. when that became obvious, all was lost for those who wanted Zimmerman to be convicted of just about ANYTHING, if only of  “bleeding on the sidewalk.”

There’s another commercial that hits my stupid alarm HARD; it’s the one where a “board” discusses for hours what advertising pens to buy. They say they buy too many different kinds, and somebody says not to buy certain kinds because do so is too “controversial.” Is it true we get too worried about details like that and lose the “big picture?” Absolutely.

GERALDO: “I HOLD THEM IN HIGH REGARD!” That tells me a lot about Geraldo Rivera. If he is stupid enough to hold Sharpton and Jackson in “high regard,” he’s too stupid to be in an important position with Fox News. And he’s not even regarded as a LIBERAL member! Ever since his abysmal failure with his “signature story” on “Al Capone’s vault,” which contained NOTHING, I’ve wondered about him. I no longer wonder. He’s stupid. He just proved it.

ENOUGH, ALREADY! I’m into my second news show on Fox the day after they found George Zimmerman not guilty and they’re STILL obsessing on it. After an entire show devoted to the “aftermath” of the Zimmerman case, it was the LEAD STORY on the next show. Are these people stupid? Don’t they know they’re “ beating a dead horse?” They’re STILL rehashing the events and will be doing so for a long time, yet. Next phase, federal charges claiming “civil rights violations” in the killing; spend another million dollars of taxpayer money for nothing. Then Martin’s family suing Zimmerman for “wrongful death,” etc., etc. Damn! I’m getting sick of hearing his name...

SURPRISING RESULTS: Republican-dominated states, where abortion is an anathema, are out-populating states where liberals are murdering the results of unprotected sex. The only GOOD news to come out of this is that there will soon be a lot fewer liberals voting such stupid people as Obama into important offices where they can screw everything up. Liberals are surprised at this, as they’re ALWAYS surprised at the “unintended consequences” of their actions.

THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING: Like Vice-President Joe Biden's mouth, the “Fast & Furious” scandal keeps “rearing its ugly head” as more and more people are murdered, using Obama’s “gun running to the Mexican drug cartels scam continues to plague Obama’s administration. They try HARD to ignore the ramifications, but it’s getting more and more difficult to put off any real “investigation” of the case. Obama and his flunkies keep on trying, but it’s getting harder and harder as the bodies pile up

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