Thursday, July 18, 2013

Big News! Obama Praises Bush!

The elder, not the younger for doing things that please all liberals, “feeding the children.” If I were Bush, I’d punch this fool in the nose for blaming everything bad on his son. I sure wouldn’t stand there and heap praise on Obama. Bush is like me; barely able to stand or walk now, and he needs to “husband” his standing time. The thing Bush (I) is most remembered for is being conned by liberals into breaking his promise not to raise any taxes. So why he would go along with anything the liberals do makes me wonder.

ZIMMERMAN OBSESION: It has been more than a week now since George Zimmerman was found not guilty of murder or anything else in the death of Trayvon Martin and I’m listening to Fox, which is STILL obsessing over it. And when it is not obsessing over Zimmerman/Martin, they’re obsessing over Twinkies and the Royal impending birth. And this from the BEST in the media. I can’t even imagine what the liberal media are doing because I don’t watch people I know are lying to me. If even Fox is spending as much time on non-essential news, we’re really going down.

MEDIA CONSUMED WITH NONEXISTENT RACISM: The FBI has investigated and found NOTHING racist in the Zimmerman/Martin case. Even Trayvon’s girlfriend, who CLAIMED to be on the phone with him just before he was killed, said there was “nothing racist” in using the term “Nig-a” for blacks, at least. But the media will not let it alone. They keep “whipping this dead horse” day after day, they hope until racism BECOMES a factor. Now somebody will raise hell with me for USING the word “Nig-a,” ignoring the context, as usual.

UNIONS CRYING ABOUT OBAMACARE: The very unions that worked so hard to help Obama pass his health care swindle law have now read it, and are horrified! You remember Nancy said we have to “read it to find out what’s in it.” Well, the unions have now read it and it has been “found wanting.” They say it will RUIN them. It will also ruin most businesses, too. But predictably they’re only concerned with it ruining THEM. With his most powerful allies now against his con, what will become of it?

CREATES MORE VIOLENCE: AG Eric Holder says “stand your ground laws” such as Florida’s “create more violence than they stop.” Unusually, he’s right. But they create the violence against criminals, not against innocent people. This is a GOOD THING, not a bad thing. But then, Eric doesn’t care about that, as long as he gets more and more restrictive anti-gun laws passed that make all of us (except people like him, who HIRE gun-toting guards to protect them), defenseless against (illegally) armed criminals.

STEVIE WONDER IS A FOOL: Like most “Hollywood types,” he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but gives his unwanted opinion anyway. He’s now “boycotting Florida because of “stand your ground.” I guess he thinks Zimmerman should have let Trayvon beat him to death, as he was threatening to do and was far along in its accomplishment. I really get tired of fools like him who were not there making statements like that, from LACK of information and large sized mouths.

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