Sunday, July 7, 2013

Stupidity and Ignorance

Some people think I “throw those words around a lot.” I do; but only because I can’t find better words to describe the actions of our incompetent bureaucrats these days. Their actions not only are STUPID, they endanger us. Obama, for instance, refuses to even acknowledge that Islamic terrorism EXISTS while Islamic terrorists kill more and more innocent people every day in their quest to eliminate EVERY person in the world who does not believe exactly the same way THEY do. In addition, he allows top terrorists to come into the White House (and even hold top jobs on his staff) and even LISTENS to their foolish words. What a damn fool he is!

INCOMPETENT BUREAUCRATS: That’s another term I throw around a lot because there are so many of them. We haven’t had a competent president since Ronald Reagan. The nearest we’ve come to a competent president is George Bush (the younger), who actually LOWERED the tax base rate and by so doing continued the longest-lasting and best economic surge ever, which was STARTED by Ronald Reagan’s doing it and almost DOUBLING the “tax take” in the coming years. The existence of incompetence is evident in the many countries and, cities, and states that are bankrupt, or are NEAR bankruptcy.

AFRICA’S “COMPLIANT MEDIA”: Obama complimented the president of South Africa the other day on its “compliant media” while admonishing ours to “behave.” I don’t quite know what that means, but I don’t think he has the power to demand “compliance” from the American media even though he may THINK he does. This is the stuff of DICTATORS and he hasn’t quite gotten there—yet. Though that’s what he’s trying for, a la Adolph Hitler.

FACE BOOK BANS CONSERVATIVE PUNDIT: Todd Starnes (Fox News) made some posts in support of religion, the NRA, Chic-Fil-A  and Jesus and Facebook claims the posts “violated their “rules and standards.” But they can’t answer the question as to just HOW posts about Jesus and the NRA did that. Apparently their “rules and standards” are very subjective (amphorous). But after much loud yelling from Todd Starnes fans, they reversed themselves and apologized, saying it was an accident. Do you believe that? This is not the first time they have censored someone, but it is probably the first time they’ve censored someone with clout.

OBAMA USES SCHOOL CHILDREN: They’re giving school districts a lot of money to BRAINWASH school children that his health care swindle law (Obamacare) is the “best thing since sliced bread,” then they ENCOURAGE them to go home and tell their parents how good it is. Talk about an UNDERHANDED TRICK. But that’s the kind or underhanded trick Obama is well known for. They’re doing this to counter the fact that this law is one of the LEAST popular there ever has been, in memory. They're doing it in libraries, too.

NFL SAYS, “NO!” The Obama administration was going to give the NFL a LOT of money so they could run ads extolling the “goodness” of his health care swindle law (Obamacare). But the NFL isn’t buying. They told him, “No, no, a thousand times no! We’re not going to get involved in your politics!” Which will probably earn them multiple visits from the IRS and as many other “alphabet soup” agencies he can find.

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