Monday, July 29, 2013

Food Stamps DOUBLED Since Obama

We’re spending TWICE as much money on Food Stamps as we were when Obama took office. He doesn’t like it when we point that out. MY answer to that is, “Obama, stick it where you sit and shut up!” I’m sure welfare in general has done likewise. And they’re ADVERTISING for new Food Stamp participants! What damn fools we’ve (not me) elected!

OBAMA: “SHUT UP” That’s what Obama is telling Benghazi survivors. He doesn’t want hem telling their stories about how they BEGGED for help from Washington that never came while they were dying. David Uben did many acts of heroism that night and is STILL in the hospital because of it. But Obama won’t let him talk about it for fear he’ll reveal Obama’s incompetence and wimpish response.

IT’S ABOUT TIME: We’ve heard many bad things about football players lately; from doping to murder. But rookie Jonathan Willard saved the lives of an entire family when he saw their car on fire on the highway and pulled them out, just before their car exploded. We need to hear more stories like this instead of like the football player (who I will not name) who was arrested for murder and others suspended for using dope to enhance their performance.

HER OWN SCANDAL: Anthony Weiner’s wife (he of the “weenie wagging” scandal) now has her own scandal (Who doesn’t, in Washington?) She supposedly took a huge salary as a top aide to Hillary Clinton while collecting money as “special government employee.” (Who granted that status? We’ll never know.) This is how people swindle the public in Washington. It even has a name: “double-dipping.” Come to Washington broke, and leave a millionaire. There are many ways to scam Americans, and they know all of them in Washington. Is there an honest person in Washington? Doubtful.

MOM: “YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW”: The mother of one of the heroes that were killed in the Behgazi attack where Obama REFUSED to send help wants to know what happened and why her son is DEAD. They told her at the funeral they’d “get back to her.” So far, they never have. She DID receive ONE letter telling her she “didn’t need to know because she wasn’t directly involved.” Her SON is dead! How much more “directly involved” can you get? What GALL these people have! They keep on insulting our intelligence. When are we going to do something about that?

REPUBLICANS ARE DAMNED FOOLS: They think they have to become more like Democrats in order to win elections. That’s the “advice” the Democrats gave them—and they bought it. They’re now out PROMOTING Obama’s health care swindle law, saying, “It’s the law of he land, what can we do?” Slavery was once the law of the land, too. Slavery was wrong, too. If Republicans keep taking “advice” from Democrats, we’re doomed. And people wonder why I refuse to call myself a Republican, preferring to call myself a “rational individualist.” I make MY OWN DECISIONS, based on my own research and intelligence. Never on what others tell me.

ANOTHER CASE TO USE: Liberals have got another case to use in hogging all the news time to keep us from thinking about Obama’s crimes. A guy pulled up beside a car full of teens that had their radio turned up as high as it would go. He asked them to turn it down. An argument ensued, wherein the teens talked about “killing this fool.” They started to get out with something the guy says he thought was a shotgun in hand, and he pulled out his licensed gun and shot at the car, killing one. They were back. He was white. What do you think is going to happen when the liberal media gets on the job?

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