Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"It's Not About Politics!"

That’s what Obama says about “postponing” the implementation of his health care swindle UNTIL AFTER THE 2014 ELECTION. What a load of crap! My BS meter is jumping up and down. Whenever Obama (or any other politician) says, “it’s not about politics,” you can BET it IS about politics. They say these stupid things and expect us to believe it just because they said it. When are we going to start electing competent politicians?

IN SUPPORT OF MURDER: Many politicians are working HARD to keep the law on the side of baby murderers who use the murder of unborn INFANTS as a substitute for using a rubber when having sex. When are Americans going to “wise up” to the ongoing “holocaust” in our own country? Killing millions of babies is NOT a “good thing.” Yes, making abortion illegal does force women who don’t use rubbers either have the illicit babies they then produce or KILL them in a “back alley” somewhere. But a “back alley” is where ALL baby MURDERS should be done so the KILLERS won’t go to prison for MURDER.

ABORTION SUPPORTERS SING “HAIL SATAN!” As the Texas legislature goes into yet another “special session” they demonstrated, some for and some against abortion. The abortion supporters sang “hail Satan” and that’s as it should be. By doing so they have revealed themselves as “Satan worshipers.” Abortion antagonists sang “Amazing Grace,” one of the best-known Christian hymns while the Pro-Abortion fools sang “Hail Satan” trying to drown them out. Do they really think this helps their cause to MURDER defenseless babies? This shows their thinking (if you could call it that).

CONVICT ZIMMERMAN OF SOMETHING: The media is BEGGING FOR Zimmerman to be convicted of SOMETHING as hopes for a conviction for second degree murder fade. They’ve got so much invested in “criminalizing” Zimmerman that they’ll take ANYTHING. Maybe even for “spitting on the sidewalk.” So they’re now actually CAMPAIGNING for ANY kind of a conviction. Race is now not an issue, since Zimmerman is not white, so they’ve lost their strongest point. But they want him found guilty of ANYTHING, and they don’t care what.

WHO CARES? Obama’s spending all our money while moving to take away all our rights and Fox News is spending a lot of air time covering a HOT DOG EATING CONTEST, just as if it were important. Damn, it bugs me that they do that. Caring more about who breaks up with whom in Hollywood and what the Kardashians are doing, while Obama “takes us to the cleaners.” Fox DOES spend more time on Obama’s depredations than other media outlets, though.

WHAT’S WITH THE GREEN LIGHTS? Every time they put up a picture of the Egyptian crowds at night, I see all these flashing green lights throughout the crowd. What is that? What is it supposed to mean? Somebody’s using one of those “pointer pens” airline pilots don’t like. But what does it MEAN?

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