Friday, July 19, 2013

"They Old: We New School"

That’s Rachael Jeantel’s excuse for the jury not seeing things the way she does. “They old. We new school.” Therefore they’re too stupid to see things as they are. They just can’t understand reality. That’s her opinion. Frankly, I think she has led an insulated life that does not allow her to recognize reality; and she only sees things the way she’s been taught by the black racists around her. They teach her that she’s too smart by half. She’s a fool, and, as usual, she ha no idea she is a fool. So are those who taught her; people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpie--er, Sharpton.

THE “ROYAL BABY WATCH”: The media (including Fox) is still breathlessly awaiting the birth of a new heir to the British throne, while the world is “going to hell” around them. They spend real time wondering when this child will be born when it isn’t really all that important. But it apparently is, to them. Why, I can’t figure out. To divert our attention from Obama’s crimes? Probably. While we’re worrying about this birth, we don’t demand to know the truth about Obama’s crimes. That makes him happy.

SOMEONE SHOT A LAW-ABIDING CITIZEN! Quick! Make some more laws to further DISARM law-abiding citizens! Make them even more defenseless so criminals can kill more of them! That’s the “clarion call” for all liberals who want to disarm Americans and make them defenseless before the assaults of illegally armed criminals, who never seem to have any trouble getting their hands on illegal guns.

GOVT SYSTEMATICALLY LYING TO US: An example of that is “baseline budgeting,” where every department gets a ten percent INCREASE every year and if we reduce that by, say, 3%, they call that a “draconian cut” and make the most visible and unnecessary cuts (never to their "giveaway programs") so they can blame it on those “cuts.” As Obama is doing with the sequester reductions (not cuts).

MOST POPULAR SCAM: It’s commonly used by liberals and Republicans always seem to fall for it. They used it on George Bush (the elder) when they made a deal with him so he would break his campaign promise not to raise taxes, expecting them to cut spending in the future as promised. No cuts ever came; he lost the next election. They use this scam on Republicans all the time and you never know it unless you pay attention to what’s going on.

FINDING A REASON FOR LIVING: That’s what they say about Republicans. They tell them they have to stop holding onto their principles and vote for the things Democrats propose so they can win elections in the future. As if ONLY what the Democrats want are the same things America wants—which is a fool notion. Another fool notion is that Democrats have ANY interest in helping Republicans do ANYTHING, especially winning elections. Republicans who take their “advice” are ignorant, and SHOULD be replaced.

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