Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Not Rain, Sleet, Snow"

Or dead of night. None of this will stop mail delivery, according to the Postal Service, but lack of money might. They’re now proposing ending home delivery of mail because they’re so far behind in money. They can’t understand that e-mail has cut into their first class mail delivery tremendously, which is one place they make a LOT of money. They just don’t understand that they are the “buggy whip manufacturer” of this generation. With better ways of communicating, plus many alternative ways of delivering packages, who needs them any more?

COULD TRAYVON HAVE USED “STAND YOUR GROUND?” Yes, according to the figures I’ve seen. In about a third of cases, blacks have claimed the “stand your ground” defense against a white attacker in Florida and have WON in 57% of those cases—which is more than white people have won, according to the “Daily Caller.” Obama says racial profiling is a major problem in black deaths, but figures prove that blacks are killed in 93% of the cases by OTHER BLACKS and that most gun killings happen where guns are PROHIBITED or severely restricted.

This woman is a complete imbecile and should be removed from her position for stupidity. She makes more stupid statements (and opinions) than anyone else in Washington. Like her crack about “passing the health care bill to find out what’s in it, she now says we “must pass gun control to defend our Constitution.” How do you defend the Constitution by taking away constitutionally guaranteed rights?

“COMPUTER ERROR”: That’s such a common excuse  used by the government to explain things like accessing Christine O’Donnell’s (a conservative) tax records the very day she filed to run for office, and filing a phony lien on a property she didn’t even own any longer. It’s all a tragic mistake made by a “renegade computer” which can’t be punished because it wouldn’t understand it even WAS being punished, You know, just like some government employees.

“MOVE ALONG, NOTHING TO SEE HERE”: That’s what politicians keep telling people who ask about their corrupt acts. That and, “That’s old news” after stalling and stalling for a long time, refusing to answer questions. They want us to just “move along” without them ever having to take any responsibility for their fool acts. Obama is saying that right now about HIS corruption on Benghazi, the tax “targeting” of conservatives and the spying on us by the government.

MUSLIM INVADERS CLAIM RAPE AT DETENTION CAMP: This by other Muslims, ferGawd’ssake! Boy, they’re good at “being victims,” aren’t they? Raped by Muslims! I really FEEL for them, but I can’t seem to reach them. Of course, they blame their captors for getting raped. Maybe we should have just shot them. Then they wouldn’t have to worry about being raped. Poor babies! We should shoot them on sight when we catch them "in the act" of murdering innocent people, Americans or otherwise. We'd run out of bullets quick, though.

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