Saturday, July 20, 2013

"Trayvon Could Have Been Me"

That’s what Obanana says. I wish! If somebody had shot him when he was a young thug, and before he got to the “big time” where he could steal BILLIONS of dollars, maybe we’d have been spared the misery he has caused, and continues to cause, every day. Now he’s an older thug and is using the power of the presidency to steal BILLIONS of dollars—money our great-grandchildren will have to repay—if there is ANY America left after he finishes his depredations.

BLACK ON BLACK VIOLENCE: And black on white violence is rampant in our nation, but the liberal media ignores it. It doesn’t fit their narrative. Same with stories about people with licensed guns killing and injuring criminals when they try and victimize them. They SAY that having a gun makes a person more liable to shoot themselves than a criminal. They think you’re all fumbling fools that don’t know how to handle a gun. They’re looking at themselves as an example.

TIRED OF TRAYVON: Even though Zimmerman has been found not guilty, liberals are still clamoring for his scalp. When they don’t get their way, they “jump up and down” and “scream to high heavens.” They figure ONLY what they want is right, and we should ALL submit to their “superior knowledge.” They’re STUPID, and, as with ALL stupid people, they have no idea they’re stupid. Even Fox is still running shows all about this young thug who got himself killed trying to beat up a guy for “watching him.” You've heard that old line, "Whatchu lookin'at?"

TOUGH GUN LAWS, MORE GUN VIOLENCE: That’s a fact; but one today’s incompetent politicians will NEVER understand. In Chicago and Washington, DC, where gun laws are the tightest, gun violence is at its highest. In ONE recent weekend in Chicago, 74 people were victims of gun violence. Were any of those guns legally owned? None. But somehow people who want to do violence get guns, no matter how tight the laws are. Mostly BECAUSE they’re tight.

SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER: They’re a racist outfit themselves, but they pretend to be able to call other people racist. I’m sure they have my name on their “hate list” because I’m not afraid to criticize black (or white) people when they do or say something wrong. That includes them, and they hate that. They even think that because they SAY somebody is a racist, that theirs is the ”last word” on it. They lost their credibility a long time ago and only fools who pay no attention believe them.

LAUGHING AT JAY: In an example of how much Jay Carney, Obama’s “mouthpiece” has lost his credibility after YEARS of spreading Obama’s lies far and wide, he made a statement on the “immigration solution” and the press corps LAUGHED at him. They don’t call him on his lies, they just giggle to themselves whenever he tells a lie. Buy this time it was too much, and they got a big “belly-Laugh” out of it. Obama needs to get rid of this fool so his new “mouthpiece” can enjoy a LITTLE bit of credibility for a while—until they realize he’s lying through his teeth, too.

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