Friday, July 26, 2013

Scandals Are All Phony

That’s what Obama says about all the scandals “swirling around” his administration. He actually thinks human beings will believe that crap! And people who still believe in this FOOL will. They proved their ignorance by voting for him—TWICE! Are there still as many fools out there voting to give Democrats total control of the three houses? Damn, I hope not! The family of those murdered while he watched (or slept) don't think they're phony. Neither do the conservatives whose application for tax-free status whose applications were held up for YEARS while IRS asked them stupid questions. Then there's the NSA spying.

THINGS I CAN’T UNDERSTAND: First, I can’t understand why Anthony Weiner, a confirmed “weenie wagger,” would go after anybody else with a wife that looks like his. To me, his actions border on insanity. But I also can’t understand his wife staying with him, and standing beside him the SECOND time his “weenie wagging” got him in trouble unless she’s just USING him to enhance her own political career. And I’ll never understand the New York voters if they put him back in ANY office! They’re the bigger FOOLS. And frankly, his weenie isn’t worth wagging. I saw it the first time.

IS IT REALLY RACISM? The Obama administration (which was supposed to end racial discrimination completely if he was elected) talks constantly about racial discrimination that doesn’t exist anywhere nearly as much as he says it does. And constantly talking about it CREATES racism—in blacks (Sorry PC Police, I don’t use the terms you dictate. African American is a phony, made-up term and I refuse to use it—ever. So take it and stick it).

WHY POLAR BEARS? Lear Capital is currently promoting a new silver coin with the likeness of a polar bear on the back. Why a polar bear? It’s an obvious (to people who pay attention) an effort to promote AlGore’s global warming (now climate control since global warming didn’t work) swindle and the phony story about polar bears dwindling (while they’re really growing). It’s a simple effort to revive the scam that made Gore billions of dollars.

THINK IT’LL WORK? They presented a scroll in Washington 60 foot long with signatures adorning all 60 feet. Do they think it will do any good? There have been many petitions presented in Washington to get an “investigation” into Benghazi started with NO results. Do they really think it will be any different this time? No law says Obama has to DO anything about a petition. It only says we have the right to PETITION the government. Not that they have to DO anything. That’s why I usually don’t sign petitions. That’s too much like going, “hat in hand” to a politician and BEGGING him not to be a crook.

I REALLY GET TIRED: I really get tired of fools like Nancy Peelosi insulting my intelligence with cracks like her “:We must pass the law to find out what’s in it” stupidity. Then she says “We must uphold the Constitution by passing gun control laws,” which VIOLATE the Constitution. We need to send this fool home to San Francisco with her tail between her legs. Unfortunately there are many more like her in Washington; which is what’s wrong with this government. We need to find a way to make sure voters are intelligent enough to spot such fools and NOT elect them to office.

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