Monday, July 15, 2013

Media Wanted Zimmerman Dead

They wanted him to be found guilty of first-degree murder and put to death. The fact that the facts did not support this agenda meant nothing to them. They (with the help of Obama and his thugs) kept on beating it to death and even sponsored (with financial backing from Obama) anti-Zimmerman demonstrations during the trial. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better demonstration of a “legal lynching” attempt. If they could have done it, they’d have dragged him out of his cell and put a rope around his neck.

They’re still trying hard to inject racism into the Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman case. Racism is the only reason to try the federal “civil rights violation” method of lynching Zimmerman. But it has already been shown that racism had NO part in it, and it would be a monstrous stretch to charge him with that crime. (I hope this is my last post on that case, but maybe not, with the media still trying to lynch Zimmerman).

RUSSIA SAYS NO ASYLUM: But they’re allowing him to stay in the Moscow airport without “collaring” him. That’s a kind of “asylum,” isn’t it? Russia (in the person of its perennial president) loves to “tweak the nose” of America whether they say so or not. Update: Russia is now saying that "Since he is now saying he'd be willing to stop leaking, we may give it to him."

BLACK HERO: Whenever a black kid does something terrible, it usually makes the news. Sometimes in a big way. But when a black boy does something heroic, people tend to ignore it, be they black or white. I judge people as individuals, and I judge Temar Boggs and his friend as heroes. It’s too bad his friend wasn’t named in the report I read, but they’re both heroes. They chased a car with a little girl in it for 15 minutes until it stopped and she was let out, then took her home. It’s good the car thief wasn’t violent, as he could have been. They’re heroes nonetheless. The cops are still looking for the driver.

DOJ TO WASTE MORE MONEY: They’re “reviewing” the George Zimmerman case to see if they want to file federal civil rights charges against him. To do so they must prove the attack was both racially motivated and uncalled for. Seems to me it was both; but not on Zimmerman’s side. If politicians haven’t wasted enough taxpayer money (which we don’t have) this will put a cap on it. I feel sorry for Zimmerman, whose life will never be the same. Politicians and race whores like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will see to that.

A WORLD WITHOUT TWINKIES: With all the horrors that are going on in this world, I fail to see why the news media is making so much of “the return of Twinkies” to the market. One TV station in Denver assigned a reporter ALL DAY to report on it. Meanwhile, Islamic terrorists are murdering people all over the world (even some Muslims with whose version of Islam they don’t agree), gas prices are going up, and Obama is promising to “bankrupt the coal industry,” therefore destroying the energy industry, too. But the liberal media ignores that while he moves us ever closer to socialism.

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