Saturday, July 13, 2013

Coup, No Bucks

There was a military coup in Egypt. Not once, but TWICE. Obama was all for both, even when a known terrorist group’s rep, Morisi, won (the first one). Even after the army finally took Morisi down. He still wanted to send more billions of dollars to Egypt. But he can’t, if he follows the Law. The law says federal aid MUST be cut off to any country where a democratically elected leader (Morisi) is removed from office in a coup. Of course Obama, who obeys no laws, is going to send the money anyway. He figures to make it legal by refusing to call it a coup.

DEMS WANT TO HELP GOP WIN ELECTIONS? How STUPID do they think Republicans are? Yeah, pretty stupid. They told them not to criticize Obama in the last election, and they didn’t, because Democrats told them if they did, it would anger the independents. So predictably, they lost. What stupid fools in the Republican Party think the Democrats want to HELP Republicans win ANY election? Democrats will do anything they can to CRUSH Republicans, including “advising” them to do things that will GUARANTEE their loss.

“RULES OF ENGAGEMENT”: Obama’s “rules of engagement,” forced on our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, not only make it impossible to properly repulse any enemy, they also cost many lives. Giving them orders never to shoot unless the enemy shoots first basically gives the terrorists the “first shot.” Only the terrorists being lousy shots have saved a few of our soldier’s lives when they do. This only shows how STUPID it is to let a CIVILIAN who has never been in combat make such rules.

OBAMA’S FAVORITE CON: His favorite thing to do is promise you whatever you want, but not tell you WHEN he will do it; then put it off forever, telling you to “just be patient.” This is how he can lie so often, to so many people, and get away with it. Another con is to promise you anything at election time, then pretend he never made a promise. If you call him on it, he calls you a racist and goes right on as if you never spoke.

DEMOCRAT DISASTER: Obama had two years in which he controlled both houses of Congress AND the Executive. He could have passed just about anything he wanted into law and there’s nothing the Republicans could do about it. But he didn't, and the things he did do during that two years were so outrageous that the electorate sent 64 Democrat members of Congress home and gave the control of the House back to the Republicans. It was a disaster for the Democrats. I’m waiting to see what disaster awaits the Democrats in 2014.

DEMOCRATS LECTURE US ABOUT “CIVILITY”: While Democrats gleefully write books about how to assassinate George Bush while calling anybody who is “right of center” all kinds of foul names. They call us all kinds of names while chiding us about civility. That’s a well-known Democrat con. They said if we elected a black president, we'd forever destroy racism in this country. So we did (at last half a black president) and he has made it his business to whip up as much racism as he can, calling us racists for so much as disagreeing with him and saying so. this guy is one of the best con men I've ever seen.

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