Sunday, July 14, 2013

Give It A Rest, FerGawd'sSake!

Zimmerman was found guilty after sixteen hours of deliberation, in a case that never should have been. And the news media (including Fox) are still beating us over the head with it. Now they’re asking everybody they can think of what their “reaction” to the not guilty finding is. It gets very racist and stupid. One man was asked where he was and what he was doing when he heard the verdict. He was on his couch, trying to get the case out of his mind. Score ONE, Obama. We’re not thinking about your crimes!

NOW THEY’LL SUE: Zimmerman has been found not guilty after sixteen hours of deliberation. Is it over for Zimmerman? No—it’s just beginning. Next step is “double jeopardy.” They’ll try to charge him with “civil rights violations” in the killing, and the Martin family will sue him for “wrongful death,” even though the court found the death was NOT “wrongful. He’s going to be in one courtroom or another for a LONG, long time, and paying lawyers millions of dollars (which will have to come from somewhere). This is a bonanza for lawyers.

“RESPONSIBLE” USE: The Florida Attorney General who FILED the Zimmerman case and wasted hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars (much of which will go into the pockets of lawyers), says the Florida gun laws are proper, but emphasized that they wanted RESPONSIBLE use of guns, intimating that Zimmerman did NOT use them “responsibly.” They tried their best to make this all about race, and failed.

OBAMA’S MAD! He had a lot invested in Zimmerman being found guilty, and he lost again. I guess I’m just as guilty as the media about going “wall-to-wall” on the Zimmerman case. But I have an excuse. I comment on the stupidity of this case even BEING as big as it has been for weeks and weeks. And there's no end of examples of that stupidity. Now they’ve found a well-known TV star dead in his hotel room and that will probably be the next thing the media obsesses about until we’re SICK of it.

STUPID TV COMMERCIALS: Damn! Something besides Zimmerman to talk about! Some of the television commercials today are hideous. Like the Progressive Insurance commercial showing a motorcycle “going to the big motorcycle in the sky” and the white-wearing Flo in an alley trying to con a man into buying Progressive insurance; or the old couple finding new ways of cleaning their home (which seems to be all they think about, though he says, “I don’t clean.” And asks “How much dirt can one couple make,” to which she answers, “a LOT.” I could tell you about more, but there are so many I can’t even remember them all.

EVASIVE WORDING: You’ll hear it all the time; a politician will tell the truth and get in trouble for it. They’ll call it a “misstatement,” and, for that politician, it is. It seems it’s a big mistake to tell people the truth. It’s a sorry time when telling the TRUTH will get a politician in trouble with the liberal media. That’s because the Democrats (mostly all liberals) hate it when they hear the truth, and can’t stand it. So they call it a “misstatement.” I would like to have lived at a time when telling the truth was not a “misstatement” and telling a lie was news. But it’s too late for that. I’ll never live long enough for the truth to become a GOOD thing in politics.

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