Sunday, July 21, 2013

"Voter Fraud Not A Problem"

That’s what the Democrats say because they can’t seem to find any. The reason they can’t seem to find any is because they work tirelessly to keep ANY kind of system that would FIND any out of the system; such as the simple measure to demand a picture ID in order to vote. They SAY that’s a way of keeping low income people from voting; that irritates my BS Meter. I have to show picture ID to get a Handicapped Sticker for my car, but I don’t have to prove who I am to VOTE. Is that stupid, or what? One woman went to prison for FIVE YEARS for voter fraud, but was only caught because she BRAGGED about it. she was a Democrat election official.

BRITAIN’S “BABY WATCH”: The whole world (including the United States) is breathlessly awaiting the birth of the new heir to the British throne and paying no attention to the world going to hell because of the incompetence of politicians all over the world. Greece being broke is but one example of the effect of incompetent politicians running the country into the ground. America and Obama are another. The richest country in the world is now BROKE because its president has spent more money than there IS and is printing new “funny money” as fast as he can.

MORE INCOMPETENT POLITICIANS: Detroit is yet another example of the “fallout” from the actions of incompetent politicians spending more money than they have on welfare programs and even ADVERTISING for people to apply for those programs. TAKING from those who can, and will EARN and GIVING to those who can’t, or WON’T earn is the main problem, but you’ll never convince them of that. They’re too stupid and incompetent, and are so arrogant they can’t see it.

HANGING ZIMMERMAN: George Zimmerman was found not guilty (Which infuriated the liberals). The liberals and black racists don’t like that. So now they’re clamoring for the feds to use the ONE way to use “double jeopardy” on him and charge him with “civil rights violations” which was originally started to stop local authorities from refusing to prosecute whites for harming blacks. But this doesn’t fit that. This man was legally found not guilty. He’ll be fighting one thing or another pushed by liberals who want to LYNCH him for the rest of his life. And, failing that, blacks will try to kill him. They have already promised to do that.

NOT FOR THE GANDER: The left is lecturing us on “civility” while publishing books and making movies approving of the assassination of George Bush. This is the kind of foolishness you can DEPEND on from the Left. Criticizing us for doing the very things THEY are doing themselves. Meanwhile, responsible people on the right don’t see it and ignore it. Apparently, “sauce for the goose is not good for the gander.”

LIBERALS JUST WON’T SEE IT: I’ve been asking the same question for liberal gun-haters for years, and NOBODY has been able to answer it. The question is, “What makes you think that CRIMINALS, who don’t obey laws, will obey one that says they can’t be armed?” They just “blow me off” by calling me names (like “gun-lover” or “right-wing extremist”), and walk away. They CAN’T answer it, so they avoid it. The same is true of another question I ask about Obama’s health care swindle: “What part of ‘can’t afford it’ don’t you understand?”

PUSHING RACISM: Obama comes out in a “surprise” appearance upstaging his “liar-in-chief,” Jay Carney and says things like, “Trayvon could have been me 35 years ago” to solidify the fantasy that this killing was racially motivated and he thinks we don’t notice things like that. Why doesn’t he make similar statements about the hundreds of black-on-white killings in Chicago? They don’t advance his agenda, that’s why. He wants to “spotlight” as many “white-on-black” killings as possible to whip up more racism. That’s to his advantage.

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