Friday, July 12, 2013

Obama Creates (Only) Part-Time Jobs

His health care swindle law has caused employers to remove many full-time jobs in order to avoid having to provide more expensive health insurance to their workers, since his plan eliminates part-time workers from the requirement. So now employers have reduced their hours, and Obama followed by reducing the hours required for part-time work, after which employers, “tit-for-tat,” again reduced their employee’s hours. Obama needs to quit playing with people’s incomes. Lower incomes mean lower taxes. Or is he too stupid to realize that?

WHO WOULD USE THAT TOILET? I just saw an item on The Blaze about a fool who got himself down into a public toilet septic tank so he could see woman’s (and maybe man’s, too) sex organs while they “did their business.” Aside from the foolishness of his act, which forced the cops to “hose him down” before putting him in a squad car, from the looks of the toilet, I wonder why any intelligent person would USE that toilet, as dirty and crappy as it is. I sure would NOT.

IRS POSTS SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS: They “accidentally” posted them to the INTERNET, and it took 24 hours for them to remove them when one of their more competent people told them about it. This is an example of the abject incompetence that reigns supreme in the IRS, as well as most other federal offices.

UNNECESSARY CUTS: Obama is ORDERING many “unnecessary cuts” and blaming them on the sequester, hoping that will keep Americans from demanding more cuts in unnecessary government spending in the future. The cuts he makes are the silliest I have ever seen; like getting rid of “hazardous duty pay” for soldiers serving in particularly dangerous places and such things as White House tours, that the government doesn’t even pay for. Meanwhile he’s sending BILLIONS of dollars in “foreign aid” to a country that has most recently been run by a known Islamic terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood.

WHY DOES FOX DO THIS? Why do they “give us” wall-to-wall coverage of the Zimmerman/Martin case when there are THOUSANDS of such cases in courts across the land? Why THIS one? Why did they do the same in that previous case where a woman was on trial for the murder of her child? Why? Why are we forced to listen to every repetitive word after repetitive word the lawyers say? We can hear the RESULTS in a simple news report. This trial, like sausage, is not something any SANE person would want to watch in detail. Give us the RESULTS, not the gory DETAILS.

THAT WORKS BOTH WAYS:  Muslims are giving Obama a message: “Barack Obama wished all Muslims a happy Ramadan, I told her [his mother-RT] that maybe he should stop killing us too,” Well, I’ll tell ya, guy: we’d stop killing Muslims when Muslims stop killing us.” I love the way they criticize us without mentioning (ignoring) the fact that the reason we kill them is to stop them from killing US. Damn, how STUPID they are!

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