Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Hope And Change"

This was what was promised by Fidel Castro and it took many people in, including the father of Ted Cruz (Rafael) who originally supported him and, when he “saw the light,” was imprisoned and tortured by the Castro regime for his actions. In a recent speech, he (Raphael) told the audience he saw a complete similarity to what Castro did in Cuba in what Obama is even now doing to the United States. People criticize me for making comparisons to what Hitler did in Germany and what Vladmir Lenin did in Russia, but I’m far from being alone in that assessment. Wake up, people! They’ve done it before and are doing it again!

ADVERTISING FOOD STAMPS: The United States government is ADVERTISING Food Stamps IN MEXICO for people planning in moving to the United States (legally or illegally, I guess), letting them know we are willing to support them when they get here. Couple that with their advertising Food Stamps in America, itself, and you can see that they WANT an increase in people DEPENDENT on this government (and are therefore willing to vote Democrat to keep the “goodies” coming).

JUST CHANGE THE NAME: That’s one of Obama’s many ways of “getting around the law” that he uses on many occasions. Currently he’s using this scam to avoid the law making it ILLEGAL to keep sending billions of our dollars to Egypt after the duly elected president was removed by the army in a “bloodless (at that point) coup.” He refuses to call it a coup so he can keep sending our hard-earned money to the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt. It’s like refusing to call murder murder to keep from putting murderers in prison.

CONSTITUTIONAL OVERSIGHT: There should be in place some kind of “congressional oversight” to MAKE SURE politicians and even Supreme Court Justices OBEY the Constitution. Way too often the president ignores the Constitution in his policies (Obama more than most) and actions and the Supreme Court sometimes misinterprets the Constitution in its decisions. A good example is ”Roe vs. Wade,” the decision allowing the MURDER of millions of unborn, innocent babies.

MENTALLY BENT: And they VOTE! Some people in this country are really bent, mentally, yet they’re still allowed to vote—which is one reason why we have such stupid and incompetent politicians in office. Such as the guy who is SO “bent” he actually climbed painfully into the septic tank of an outdoor toilet, covering himself with excrement (they had to hose him down before arresting him because he was covered with excrement) so he could get a look at people’s sex organs as they “did their business.”

DEMS “ADVISING” REPUBLICANS: What makes Democrats think Republicans will “take their advice” so they can “win elections” in the future? What makes Republicans think Democrats are INTERESTED in helping them win elections? That would take breathtaking stupidity on the part of Republicans, wouldn’t it? You’d think Republicans wouldn’t fall for such stupidity, wouldn’t you? Yet they do. Now they’re telling them not to criticize Obama because the “independents” won’t like it. And Republicans buy it. Damn. The stupidity abounds!

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