Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Obama Lied From the Beginning

It was apparent from the first moments of the attack in Benghazi that it was a terrorist ATTACK, not some “demonstration” that got out of hand. Obama must think we’re very STUPID to buy such a feeble pretense to maintain his FICTION (lie) that he had “single-handedly” whipped Islamic terrorists. Now the truth is coming out, and still nobody is doing anything about it. We even know who did it. So let’s go in and get them. Libya isn’t going to do it. I don’t think Obama has the guts to do something, either.

“FOX NEWS ALERT”: Everything on Fox News is an “alert.” The “Sky Is Falling” nature of that is losing its allure to viewers. They no longer pay attention when those words appear. What is it with people “in charge” that makes them think such things work? I like Fox News; they tell the WHOLE story, even if the truth hurts. But, like all the rest of the media, they go “wall-to-wall” with things like the Zimmerman trial, focusing for DAYS on the trial, running it live, as the expense of other news.

THE ZIMMERMAN LYNCHING: They’re still trying to lynch Zimmerman, who was only trying to defend himself against a bigger, taller, mixed martial-arts trained bully who just happened to be only 17 because Obama wanted an “example” to use in “whipping up” more racism—and he succeeded, as shown by this picture of a black man holding a sign saying, “Zimmerman—For Target Practice.” If some black man (or woman) kills Zimmerman, the blood will be on OBAMA’S hands—and on that of the media.

I’M GLAD I HAVE NO SAVINGS: I never thought I’d be happy not to have any “life’s savings,” but now I do; because Obama is going to STEAL everybody’s life savings. He has already stolen the life savings of many people by declaring their savings accounts “government property” over a certain amount, to be arbitrarily determined by him. And he will do that in many more cases in addition to creating inflation that will soon make ALL our money—in the bank, or even under our mattresses—worthless by printing “funny money as fast as he can. Have you heard of “Quantitative Easing?” That’s what it is, and every dollar he prints with nothing behind it and puts in distribution makes YOUR dollars worth less. It’s like pouring water into a glass of cola. Dilutes it. It’s time we (not me) realized this and STOPPED it.

FOOLS IN SEATTLE: The government wants to run ads against Islamic terrorism in Seattle and it has been BANNED.  Being a person whose life is run by LOGIC, I can’t understand why. But it becomes obvious when I learn the pressure to ban these ads comes from the ACLU and Muslim sources, and Democrats. They object to the fact that most of the terrorists pictured are Muslim. Never mind that most terrorists ARE Muslim. That fact doesn’t matter to them. And we (not me) allow it. It’s like banning ads against Nazis in WWII. Damn, are we (not me) FOOLS!

LOOKING FOR A DISTRACTION: George Zimmerman played right into the mob’s (headed by Obama) plans when he killed Trayvon Martin. Obama and his goons were casting about, looking for something, ANYTHING that would take the public’s mind off the many crimes he has, and is, committing daily. And Zimmerman did it. Even if Zimmerman wasn’t convicted, so much the better. It would last longer. He’s going to dither about for MONTHS trying to decide whether or not to file federal “civil rights” charges against him, while Zimmerman “twists in the wind,” waiting to see what Obama’s “pleasure” is. Meanwhile, the media concentrates on Zimmerman to the exclusion of anything else.

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