Sunday, July 28, 2013

"Real Heroes" On Rolling Stones

One month the Boston Bomber, the next, “weenie-wagger” Anthony Weiner (who is well-named). I don’t know what Rolling Stones is after, but they have shown a tendency toward lousy judgment. Maybe they’re doing so badly they need to do SOMETHING to make the liberal media notice them and give them some free publicity. They’ve certainly accomplished that. It really amazes me at what people like the fools running Rolling Stone think is news.

WHAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY? You're probably wondering what happened yesterday. Well--I gave my computer keyboard a "milk bath" and was afraid to do ANYTHING on it until I was pretty sure what I didn't get had dried up. Apparently it worked, because the computer was still working this morning.

EVEN WEINER IS GETTING TIRED OF IT: I’ve seen him walking out of many doors and flatly IGNORING newspeople that ask him about his “weenie-wagging.” Another politician asked him about it, and instead of answering, he told her he “understood her concern” and walked away, basically “blowing her off.” New York voters are finally waking up. He is no longer a “front-runner” in the mayoral race and he might not get elected so he can wag his weenie before a larger audience.

LEAVE IT TO CONGRESS: Congress is going to help Obama destroy this country. He has proposed sending weapons to the TERRORISTS in Syria and Congress has agreed. What’s WRONG with these FOOLS? You can push anything you want down their throats and they won’t even gag. They’re getting good at “taking the big one.” Read into that anything you like. I’m sure Anthony Weiner, “weenie-wagger in chief” knows.

SAN DIEGO MAYOR WON’T RESIGN: Politicians who have sex issues are really stupid. They just go right on. A “behavioral therapist” thinks because he wants to work with a woman on a project after “feeling her up” indicates she thinks it’s okay to “feel up” the woman as long as he’s willing to work with them. Will other stupid women think the same and vote for him?

WHY THEY SEARCH CHILDREN: Many people think it’s horrible to search children before they get on airplanes. I don’t. Same for the elderly. Drug gangs use BOTH as unknowing drug mules. Especially old people who are suffering from memory issues. But I think they’re STUPID for giving Muslims “a pass” on searches because there’s no telling what they try to smuggle in to use in killing us.

They asked a Muslim to pray for us at a funeral for Seal Team 6 members whose chopper was shot down by Muslim terrorists and he agreed. But instead of praying for us, he CURSED us in his own language. The fools who asked him to pray have no idea what he said. Did we ever ask a Nazi to pray for soldiers killed fighting Nazis in Germany? NO; we were a little more intelligent then. When are we going to learn that Muslims are our ENEMIES? They PRETEND to be a religion but they’re not. They fool many of their own people into thinking they are, too; and teach THEM to hate non-Muslims, too. They think we don’t know that.

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