Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Talk About A "Police State!"

In Henderson, NV, cops wanted to use a man’s home to spy on his neighbor. He refused. So the cops arrested him and “confiscated” (stole) his home and used it, anyway. The cops “smashed open his door,” shot him and his dog with “pepper weapons,” and arrested him, in clear violation of the Third Amendment of the Constitution. They assaulted the man, his wife, and his terrified little dog, removing them from their home and taking it over for their own purposes. This should be punished MORE than losing a suit and paying them some money. These people should be FIRED, arrested, and imprisoned themselves, and be prevented from ever engaging in police activities for the rest of their lives.
Henderson, NV,  

VOTER ID LAWS OKAY: According to Obama, voter ID laws work fine—in Kenya. But any attempt to implement them in the United States meets Obama’s disapproval, and that of ALL Democrats because that would severely limit their ability to steal elections. Why is it okay in Kenya but not here? Because Obama is not running for office there. Nor are his henchmen. Obama thinks we don’t notice these things, which illustrates his being a FOOL.

JUST CHANGE IT’S NAME: How do you get around the law? By law we MUST stop giving money to Egypt because of the military “coup.” Obummer doesn’t want to, so he just refuses to CALL it a “coup,” therefore avoiding the law. Then he keeps sending billions of our hard-earned bucks to Egypt’s Islamic terrorists in the Muslim Brotherhood.

MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE: The major who shot and killed 13 people did it FOUR YEARS AGO and the trial STILL has not started. He has been paid $278,000.00 in salary while he has been in prison for these crimes while arguing about growing a beard and having to wear a uniform at trial. For my part, I agree with those who say he should not have to wear a uniform. I don’t think he has a RIGHT to wear that uniform, which he has dishonored. That INSULTS the uniform and the service it represents. I think he should be given a special uniform for traitors, and be forced to wear it.

"TWISTING RUSH’S WORDS”: Obama himself has said, “The only opposition I have left in the media is Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.” So when Rush recently complained that Fox wouldn’t let him talk about what he wanted to talk about in an interview, the liberal media told us, “Rush says, don’t watch Fox.” Nothing could be further from the truth (as usual). What they’re trying to do is “drive a wedge” between Rush and Fox. It didn’t work. He’s going to be on Fox again soon, and guess what WILL be on the agenda?

INCREASINGLY DISTURBED: I’ve become increasingly disturbed at the abject STUPIDITY of many of the American people. Especially the recent signatures that were obtained on a petition to “repeal the Bill of Rights” a man got when he visited a beach recently. Then there was the effort by one city to BAN the displaying of the American flag; and the message I recently received from a member of my FAMILY, fergawd’ssake, saying he thought Obama was doing a good job! A GOOD JOB! How ignorant is that? But he’s right, if you favor this country becoming the next “Soviet Union.”

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