Saturday, January 3, 2015

Congress Can Stop Obama

If they WANT to. They “hold the purse strings.” If they don’t approve the MONEY for him to use in ENFORCING his illegal and unconstitutional EDICTS, he can’t do it. But so far, they haven’t displayed the GONADS necessary to do so. Maybe that’s because there are still a bunch of gutless Democrats in Congress until January. Maybe when the newly elected REPUBLICANS take office, they MAY show a bit more in the way of backbone. I’ll be waiting with “baited breath” to see if they do.

BODY CAMERAS: Many cops don’t like body cameras, which seem to be a “coming thing.” They think they’re there to incriminate them. But they ARE there to protect them, as well as “keep them honest” in their dealings with the public. In this case, the cop was glad he was wearing a body camera when this pretty little liar accused him of “inappropriate touching.” Such false accusations against cops have always been rife, but they’re increasing in happening as the world’s criminals “whip up” hate for cops. The video clearly shows her claims are false. We don’t yet know if she will face additional charges for her attempt, but she should.

TERRORIST KIDNAPPERS: The U. S., and other governments SAY they don’t pay ransom for the return of people kidnapped by the Islamic terrorists—but they do. It is estimated that al-Qaida alone has taken in $126 million dollars in ransom recently/ The U. S. government TRIED to pay ransom in cash for Bowe Bergdahl, but it was stolen by a man REPRESENTING himself to be able to negotiate the release of this deserter. Many such payments are disguised as development aid packages to Middle Eastern countries. Often times they are paid through third parties. But the fact is, the terrorists are running a thriving kidnap/ransom business, with us as the victims.

BANNING WORDS: Some people seem to think they have the power to BAN the use of certain words. The Lake Superior State university (LSSU) is among them. They publish a “popular” annual list and expect it to be generally used, although the only place it can REALLY be forced to be used is by LSSU students in their studies. Other organizations also issue such lists, and use peer pressure (to which I am not subject) to “enforce” it. I don’t allow ANYBODY to DICTATE what words or phrases I can, or cannot use. They can take their “lists” and stick them.

SHARPTON A “STAR?”: Al Sharpie…er, uh, Sharpton seems to be becoming a “rising star” in the Democrat Party. Which is not at all unusual. Sharpton is a con man, a criminal, an extortionist, and a race whore who makes a lot of money by stirring up phony racism where it does not exist. That’s the kind of criminal who USUALLY “rises fast” in that “party of criminals” that has CONNED it’s way into leadership positions in this country, including the presidency. People refuse to believe their PRESIDENT is a con man and a crook, but he is, and he proves it, every day.

AND THEY ADMIRE HILLARY: Hillary Clinton was the one who blamed Bill’s “sexcapades” on a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” She is not only the former Secretary of State with NO accomplishments to her credit, but the one who is personally responsible for the deaths of an American ambassador AND three other Americans in Libya while REFUSING to send them help that was readily available, when they needed it.. And gullible women ADMIRE her, just because she is a WOMAN. Nothing else. They cannot cite any TRUE accomplishments by this incompetent woman. But they try hard, and soon are calling people who “hold their feet to the fire” names, such as “woman hater” and “sexist.” They even manage to stick “racist” in there, somewhere, though I can’t understand their LOGIC there. They probably don’t have any. Calling detractors “racist” is the liberal (Democrat) “fall-back position” for Democrats ANY time they are opposed

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