Thursday, January 29, 2015

California: "Repeal Bill of Rights"

What kind of STUPID would make ANYBODY want to repeal the Bill of rights? California politicians have revealed their abysmal STUPIDITY yet again by their wish to do so. The Bill of Rights was instituted to PROTECT us against such people—and now they want to REPEAL it so they can crap on us. Don't fall for their stinky brown stuff! People have been trying to repeal the Bill of Rights since before the ink dried on it. So far, we've been intelligent enough not to let them get away with it. Let's keep it that way.

SHOULDERS TOO SEXY? A fifteen year old girl in Utah was told to cover her shoulders before they'd let her into a school dance. She ended up wearing a winter coat over the dress all evening. The dress I saw was VERY “proper.” It extended almost to her ankles and you'd have to be a “dirty old man” to read “sexy” into it. But this is UTAH, after all, so such things are not at all unusual. Actually, she's quite pretty. Which is probably their problem.

UCLA BERKELEY PAY GAP: A recent audit showed that this “bastion of liberalism” itself has a gap between what white make professors are paid, and what everybody else is paid, like that which exists in the White House. Liberals are so consistently wrong in what they do, vs. what they want OTHERS to do, it isn't even funny any more. Berkekely “authorities” say they'll do something immediately about their up to 4.3% difference. As if they didn't know about it. The only reason they're “concerned” is they got caught.

WHIPPING IT UP: The news media is working HARD to “whip up” Ferguson-style riots in the wake of the cops shooting a 16-year-old girl who was trying to kill them with her stolen car. They fail to mention, in all the “news reports” I've seen, that the car WAS stolen, she had stolen cars before, and that she had run a cop down before she was shot. One of her “cronies” in the car says the cops shot her BEFORE she ran down that cop. Yeah, right! Cops routinely fire into a carful of teenagers without cause. I guess it's all part of the ongoing "war against cops."

SPENDING PROBLEM”: The people fighting the federal government's effort to increase the gas tax “since they're not paying as much for the gas, we want them to pay that money to us,” according to one Congressman. They talk about an “income problem,” but, like the rest of the federal government, they have a SPENDING problem. Money comes in, they spend it. As fast as they can—then demand more.

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