Sunday, January 25, 2015

Jailed for Telling Truth

A Canadian man who has been criticizing Islamic terrorists for a long time, committed the “unpardonable sin,” apparently, in Canada. He said “I hate Muslims!” Since when is a personal opinion grounds to be jailed? I know they don't have a First Amendment in Canada, but they DO pretend to love “free speech” while all the time violating it. Like not allowing an American conservative columnist to speak at a Canadian college because they didn't like HER opinions.

BANKS DISCRIMNINATE: I thought discrimination was illegal in this country. I guess that only applies unless what you discriminate against is something Obama and his henchmen don't like. Banks are now discriminating against gun stores and gun makers because Obama and his crowd want to disarm America. They're lumping them in with weed sellers and pornographers on the urging of Obama and his accomplices, and denying them the normal bank services.

GUNS SHOCK AND SICKEN ME”: That's a direct quote from a Washington State senator who has sponsored many anti-gun bills. If that is true, she has NO right to sponsor bills to inhibit gun ownership and usage by good people so they can defend themselves against the ILLEGAL guns in the hands of criminals, who obey NO laws. If she is so afraid of guns, with NO real reason, she should just stay out of it.

DISCRIMINATING AGAINST GUNS: Obama has conned the banks into treating gun makers and sellers the same way they treat weed purveyors and pornographers, just because Obama and his gang don't like people (other than his minions) having guns. And the tight laws against gun ownership are running honest gun dealers out of their states. One such dealer in New York has shut down and is heading for South Carolina because selling guns in New York State has become too onerous. Others have done the same, taking their payrolls with them.

THE CPS SCAM: The “child protectors” are supposed to be there to PROTECT children, but mostly they abuse them themselves while they PRETEND to be protecting them. They want to exert “Gestapo-like” control over parents, using ANY excuse. In a recent case, they took 7 children from one family because they were using a “non-government approved” water filter. They SAY they don't have to obey the Constitution because their cases are CIVIL cases, not criminal, though they do put people in jail on a regular basis.

HILLARY HATES THE FREE MARKET: Which, if she were not a liberal, would be strange. Liberals are not logical, at all. They even deny the very EXISTENCE of logic so they don't have to deal with it. She hates it, but benefits handsomely from it, with her $300,000.00 “discounted” speech rates. If it weren't for the free market, she could never sell her insipid words for such handsome fees.

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