Friday, January 23, 2015

"I Won "Em Boith"

In his arrogance, Obama touted his two wins in former elections when people didn't know just what he represented in his State of the Union speech, ignoring his stupendous LOSS in the LATEST election. George Bush and Ronald Reagan each won two elections, too. But he forgets about that. As usual, the only things that are in his vision are his own doings, and not his failings, such as an economy that is on the verge of collapse because of his ““free spending” ways.. He has a strange ability to ignore those. The reality is, he STOLE those elections with lies and evasions; not to mention vote stealing. That's a proven fact; not that it stops him from ripping off the nation.

CLASS WARFARE? Whoda thunkit? Obama? Class warfare? That's what Sen. Orrin Hatch, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee thinks. Really? Obama goes around talking about “income redistribution,” which is pure THEFT from those who earn it, and a GIFT (of stolen property) to those who don't, but Hatch thinks he's waging a “class war.” He talks about punishing achievement by “taxing the rich” more than those who EARN less; the “rich,” (the WORKING rich, that is, not the liberals who just clip coupons) who pay the MOST in taxes already. Now what would make Hatch think such a thing? (sarcasm off)

GETTING PEOPLE KILLED: How many people have DIED in Iraq as a result of Obama unilaterally ENDING our participation in a war that is ONGOING? How many more are going to die when he does the same in Afghanistan? He brags about having “ended TWO wars, as if that were an accomplishment. It's easy to END wars by RUNNING away, and that's what he did. He “ran out” and left the locals to their own devices, after killing a lot of the enemy (but not enough). Obama is the worst MASS MURDERER ever in the United States. His “body count” rivals that of Joseph Stalin, who killed MILLIONS.

MARRY HER”: I got this from “Poppa Gringo” on “One Political Plaza.” Two young men were talking in a bar. One said, “I'm really tired. My girlfriend always wants to have sex, and it's getting to be too much.” An oldster on the next stool looks over and says, “Marry her; that'll put a stop to it.” You find some real funnies in strange places.

DON'T PAY IT: Japan is “weighing” paying the ransom demand of the Islamic terrorists who are holding two Japanese prisoners and are threatening to kill them if they aren't paid. This pretty well tells me what these Islamic terrorists are. They're NOT “freedom fighters,” as they claim (I knew that, anyway). They're simple CRIMINALS using the “Jihad” to line their own pockets. To pay this ransom is to INVITE more such kidnappings and ransom demands. I know it's hard on these two guys not to pay, but we have to think of all the other potential victims in the future.

WAKE HER UP! Word is, Justice Ginsburg fell asleep during Obama's boring State of the Union speech. How can you blame her? Just about everything he said, he has said before, many times—except for the NEW scams he's planning. Frankly, I'm glad I didn't bother to sit through his “droning on” about how many different ways he's going to screw us from behind in the next two years, and his litany of how he has screwed us in this, and the other six years since we (not me) made the biggest mistake of our lives, and elected him in the first place. And to repeat the mistake shows a lot of ignorance in the American people—or the slickest election theft ever.

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