Thursday, January 8, 2015

Abortion Every 90 Seconds

According to the 2014 “Annual Report” of the murder organization, “Planned Parenthood” (which is anything BUT), they managed to MURDER 327,653 babies in 2014. Most of them black (Do black lives really matter?). “Planned Parenthood also received $528.4 million from government grants and reimbursements, which equaled 41 percent of its revenue.” Which means the federal government is SUPPORTING a “murder industry.” Talk about a “holocaust!” If “black lives matter,” which is one of their “watchword comments,” why do they murder so many black babies?

ALWAYS THE WRONG MAN: One reason the Republicans lose so often is that they seem to choose the wrong man to be their “front-runner” so often. Their popular choice always seems to be the one” whose turn it is,” and NOT the one who would be the best candidate. They’re doing it again, with Jeb Bush, the guy who was too busy being governor of Florida to run before. They just can’t grasp the idea of running somebody who promises the RIGHT things, and has a HISTORY of DOING the right thing (which is what frightens them so), like Sarah Palin, the one that scares them to death. So they work HARD to discredit them EARLY.

IT’S A LOT OF FUN: I have a lot of fun debunking Democrats (liberals) because they say so many stupid things and DO so many stupid things. I say “stupid” rather than “ignorant” because ignorance is simply a lack of information. I know they know better, but they do and say such stupid things KNOWING they are stupid. Like Hillary saying the government would spend money batter than the private sector when she KNOWS better, from EXPERIENCE. Or when she says, “Corporations don’t create jobs,” which is so stupid it doesn’t even need debunking.

“GOD RAPED MARY?” That’s what the liberal media, in the person of the New York Times would have you think. They just can’t conceive of the fact that, if God is as “all powerful” as the world says he is, he would not NEED to have sex with Mary in any way, let alone RAPE her. If he wanted her to be pregnant, all he would have to do is snap his fingers (if he is a humanoid figure and HAS fingers) and she would be pregnant. The NYT has again proved its ignorance with this story. But then they prove it every day by promoting liberal aims.

“COME AND TAKE IT”: That’s what many gun owners are telling Obama and the rest of the gun-grabbers. Remember what happened to the British Empire when it tried to take their guns away from the American colonists: they lost an entire country and had their noses bloodied in a war the world said they could not lose. All because of their attempt to disarm the colonists (among other things). They think they can do it now and get away with it. I’d advise them go “go slowly” and rethink their position if they don’t want to have the same thing happen to them.

HILARIOUSLY FUNNY: A Muslim Imam urges people to “live in peace and harmony” while Muslim terrorists all over the world kill, maim, rape adults, and even CHILDREN. Raping and beheading them in front of their parents, then killing both. To hear one of their “holy men” urging the rest of the world to “live in peace and harmony” while his friends rampage and MURDER all over the world, because not everybody believes in his phony “religion” is hilariously funny.

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