Monday, January 26, 2015

Obama "Intimindating" Petraeus?

That's what Rep. Louie Gomert (R-TX) says. He says he is intimidating Petraeus over his well-known affair so he'll keep his mouth shut about what he knows about Benghazi. How? He's already had to resign over it and he has suffered other things because of it. What's there LEFT to use to intimidate him? Maybe he's talking about ending his retirement income, I don't know. That sounds like Obama. He'll use ANYTHING to get his way.

GIVING FOX A HARD TIME: They've been a target of the left for a long time. For what? For telling the unvarnished truth and not hiding things the “administration” wants to hide. Now they're getting a special kind of hell from Muslims for exposing the “no-go zones” in France, and all over Europe. Not to mention those in the United states, itself, that are called Muslim Jihad Training Camps. The fact is, Islam is making great inroads in America, with the help and connivance of Barack Hussein Obama and Fox refuses to shut up about it.

KERRY IS A COLLOSAL FOOL: He only got appointed Secretary of State because Obama NEEDED a fool in that position. And he's proven his damned fool notions every day. Now he's telling us we need to stop equating Islam with Islamic terrorism. I couldn't think of better evidence that he is a DUNCE. Earlier evidence is his “serenading” Muslims with music, when we all know they don't LIKE music, of any kind.

SHE WON'T GO AWAY: Sarah Palin is the potential presidential candidate who won't go away. The Democrats AND the Republicans have worked HARD to discredit this woman because she speaks the unvarnished truth. The Democrats because she's a Republican. The Republicans, because she will cause many of them to lose their jobs because of incompetence if she gets elected. But she's talking about another run for the top, this time for the presidency, itself. I sure hope she wins. But both parties are working too hard against her for her to have much of a chance, unless she knows something we don't.

TREATING GUN OWNERS LIKE CRININALS: We usually make criminals out on bail or on house arrest wear ankle bracelets so we can see where they are, and where they've been. AG Holder wants to do that to GUN OWNERS, as if they were criminals, too. Never mind that REAL criminals won't be affected, since they don't obey ANY laws. He can't just ban guns, so he wants to make it as hard as possible on honest people to HAVE guns for self defense against ILLEGALLY armed criminals.

ANTI-ISLAM MOVIE?" The “American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee” (ADC) said in a letter that, since “American Sniper” came out, Muslims have been discriminated against. WRONG! That movie is NOT responsible for the “discrimination” Muslims are experiencing. The deadly actions of many MUSLIMS are responsible. Such “discrimination” can be ended easily. Stop KILLING innocent people who don't believe the way you want them to believe.

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