Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Denying the Obvious

The Obama administration refuses to admit the OBVIOUS: that radical Muslims (which is pretty near all of them) have declared WAR on us, and want to KILL every one of us who don't “knuckle under and convert to their phony “religion.” Now Josh Earnest, the latest “official liar,” says the killings in Paris WERE terrorism, but refuses to say it was ISLAMIC terrorism, in spite of the killers “shouting to the skies” that they had “avenged the prophet.” We'd better get rid of that damned fool in the White House before he gives it ALL away to the Muslim terrorists.

DEFEATING HIMSELF: Obama is working hard to turn banks against LEGAL gun businesses. He figures if they can't get financing, they will not be able to produce guns for people to buy. What he doesn't realize (in his IGNORANCE) is that HE will no longer be able to buy guns to defend himself against the revolution that is coming. And a revolution IS coming. You can only push a free people who are USED to freedom so far before they “rise up and smite you.”

LIBERALS HATE WEALTH: Unless it belongs to them. They STUPIDLY decry “the rich,” because THEY aren't rich, and they WANT to be, without the necessity of DOING anything to BECOME rich. All their whining about “the rich” is just JEALOUSY that they aren't among the rich. They want to “share” the riches owned by OTHERS without having to work for it. Meanwhile, some of the liberals who whine just as loudly about “the rich” are rich themselves, rich because of inheritances from their ancestors—not from their own work. They just want nobody else to be able to become rich from their own sweat and work.

OBAMA WANTS PAID LEAVE: But he doesn't say who will pay for it. The truth is, SOMEBODY has to pay for it, but he doesn't volunteer for it. He's ORDERING businesses to pay for it. He doesn't SAY as much, but that's what he means. And it's not a law. It's not even an executive order. It's just a “presidential memo.” It doesn't have the EFFECT of a law, but it is treated as if it does, which is a CRIMINAL act. But Obama doesn't care, he performs criminal acts, daily.

GRASSFIRE BUMPED FROM FACEBOOK: What was their “crime?” They posted something that “offended Muslims.” I guess it's a good thing I don't count on Facebook for anything, because I post things critical of Islamic terrorists every day. If :offending Muslims” is a crime, I'm a criminal. And I will continue to be a criminal. If that gets me bumped off Facebook, nasty break. I don't need them. We're “bending over forward” (not me) way too much for Islamic terrorists to screw us where it hurts. We need to put a stop to it.

DISCONNECTED FROM TERROR THREAT? Many people say Obama and his accomplices are “disconnected from the terror threat” because they refuse to call it what it is. I say that's a bunch of stinking brown stuff. Obama and his henchmen are PART of the terror threat. They work HARD to make the terror threat WORSE than it would be otherwise. Obama WANTS the terrorists to succeed. He thinks when they do, HE will be the Caliph in their caliphate. He's the slickest con man to come down the pike.

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