Thursday, January 15, 2015

Unnecessary Question

I've heard it asked several times, “Are we at war with Islamic terrorism?” Why does this question even need to be asked? Any fool can answer that question: YES! They have declared war on US! On every human being that doesn't believe exactly the way they DICTATE. They want to KILL them, and they HAVE killed MILLIONS of them. What kind of damned fool even ASKS such a question?

TERRORIST SUMMIT: Obama is convening a “terrorist summit” to figure out ways to “fight terrorism.” But he STILL won't call it what it IS, “Islamic terrorism.” People are asking, “What's he afraid of?” But I'm not. I know he's NOT “afraid.” He WANTS the Islamic terrorists to win. He's in full concert with them. What's it going to take for the rest of the world to “tumble” to this? They call me an “extremist” for saying it, but Obama “rules” in favor of Muslims every time he gets a chance. He releases their GENERALS to go back and kill more innocent people. He's DETERMINED to close the only prison we have to hold them when captured, without a policy to deal with therm, otherwise. Damn, are we FOOLS!

WHO PAYS? Obama's latest scheme to fleece Americans is his suggestion that community colleges should be FREE. But who is going to pay the bill? It costs a lot of money to run a college. They have to hire and PAY professors, and a lot of support people. They have to buy buildings and other space, not to mention supplies. Why comes up with the money? WE do, in the form of ever higher taxes, that's who! Always remember: NOTHING is ever free. Somebody has to PAY for it, and it's usually the taxpayer.

IT'S OUR FAULT! That's the determination of an NBC reporter in a recent article. He thinks Muslims are “up in arms” because of things WE have supposedly done to them. What a damned fool notion THAT is! Muslim terrorists have been killing innocent people and kidnapping people for ransom for a LONG time. Anything we have done to them has been in RETALIATION for their depredations! The BARBARY PIRATES of TWO CENTURIES ago were Islamic terrorists! This reporter has done nothing but demonstrate his own IGNORANCE!

MUSLIMS FIREBOMBED NEWSPAPER: They firebombed a newspaper that reprinted Charlie Hebdo's cartoons. But if every newspaper and magazine in the world reprinted them, they'd be pretty busy trying to firebomb them all. They'd probably run out of firebombs and people willing to throw them. Yes, they CAN intimidate SOME publications. But not all. There are just too many of them. It's not like in the old West, where there was ONE newspaper for hundreds of miles, and they could “shut it up” by setting it on fire, or damaging it in some other way. We need to overpower them with numbers.

THE WRONG WAY: It's the wrong way to fight a war, but that's how Obama is doing it. He's still pretending that WE did something that “set them off,” and if we prove to them we don't want to hurt them, they'll stop murdering us. Yeah; maybe we should ALL “convert” to Islam. That's what they want. That's ALL they want. They've SAID so, many times. They'll accept nothing else. That means we have to KILL THEM, “root and branch” to keep them from killing US!

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