Sunday, January 18, 2015

Obam Loading Us With Muslims

He has been flying Muslims into this country illegally for many years, hoping to outnumber real Americans in the next election. Yes, I know; they aren't citizens. But non-citizens have voted before, with his help. Now he's bringing in ever more Muslims from Syria, using a “refugee” cover. Add to that their tendency to breed like rabbits, and that's his plan. Muslims almost outnumber French people in France, which is why the French government “bends over forward” for them. That's what he wants for this country. And we (not me) are beginning to.

ALBERT EINSTEIN WAS RIGHT: He said, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” And that's just what we're faced with, today. Obama is “running wild,” doing as many evil things as he can, and NOBODY is doing anything about it. If SOMEBODY doesn't start doing something about him soon, we will be LOST. I TRY, but I fear I'm just “one voice in the wilderness” and nobody who can DO something is hearing me.

CARTER BLAMES ISRAEL: For the attacks in Paris. But then, we already knew Jimmy Carter was a FOOL, so why do we care about ANYTHING he says? He needs to go back to his peanut farm and raise peanuts. That's pretty much all he's good for. He keeps insisting on displaying his ignorance. He pins it on Israel's treatment of Palestinians. But what about the Palestinian treatment of Jews? He ignores that, like many Israeli critics do.  What Israel does to the Palestinians is in RETALIATION for what THEY do to ISREAL!. How could he NOT know that? But apparently he does not.

CALL IT WHAT IT IS: Obama (the stupid) still REFUSES to call Islamic terrorism by its name. He STILL calls the Islamic terrorist murders at Ft. Hood, “workplace violence.” Even when talking about the Paris killings, he just calls it “terrorism,” ignoring the connection to Islam, even though the murderers shouted to the skies, that, ”We have avenged the insult to the prophet!” I called him stupid, but I don't think he is—except for his adherence to socialism as the “cure” for all our economic issues. People had better “wake up” to his love for Islam and his tireless work to help the Islamic terrorists succeed.

GUN CONTROL ;LAWS ARE USELESS! When a 14-year-old boy was caught running a red light on his bicycle in Tampa, the cops “drew down” on him when he reached for his waist. Good thing. He had a gun and it was LOADED. What he was going to do with it is in question, but if the cop had shot him he would be justified, though liberals would not agree, and would "make hay while the sun shined." A bullet fired by a child will kill you as quickly as any other, but they will whine and grouse about a cop "shooting a youngster." They think ALL cops are “trigger happy.” That's their mindset.

TOTALLY STUPID! College “administrators” are stupid on many things they do. Things like stifling free speech on campus while saying they LOVE free speech. But this is about the stupidest thing I've heard: they're going to broadcast Muslim prayers all over the campus at Duke University. What the HELL for? Don't we coddle the Muslims enough? Liberals demand that schools be “religion free.” But apparently that doesn't include the MUSLIM “religion” (which is not even a real religion). Is somebody paying them off:? Or are they just STUPID? (Update: After the outcry, Duke "administrators" have rethought and rescinded this.

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