Friday, January 16, 2015

Sleeping Problem? Take His Guns!

That's what they're doing in New York. Donald Montgomery is a veteran, having defended his country; then a police officer, and he went to a doctor because he had trouble SLEEPING. The anti-gun FOOLS said that made him a “danger to himself and others” and confiscated (stole) his guns. They're using ANY EXCUSE they can think of to steal your guns, people! This guy is one of today's HEROES, and is NOT a “danger” to ANYBODY but a criminal who tries to rob him. But not without his guns. And that's their goal. Make everybody an unarmed victim. Now he's suing.

THEY DON'T KNOW THEIR FRIENDS: The Republicans don't know who their friends are. They're so afraid of losing some of their own power, they're rebuffing the very people who can help them vanquish the Democrats, once and for all, the Tea Parties. They call them, “Worse than the Islamic terrorists,” while all the Tea Parties want is a return to observing the Constitution, lower taxes, and smaller government. Something the Republicans ought to embrace enthusiastically. Instead they fight their best friends and dissipate their power.

REDISTRIBUTING INCOME: That's a fancy term to describe STEALING income from those who EARN it, and “distributing” it to those who DON'T. It's the very BASIS of collectivism, of which socialism is but one kind. Communism is another, and so is Nazism. Nazism IS “National SOCIALISM” and Russia's version was called “Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics. Fascism is another. They KNOW it doesn't work, but insist on imposing it on people who don't want it. Collectivism , in ALL its forms,is one of the two biggest treats today. Islam is another.

CRIMINALIZING CRITICISM OF ISLAM? The question has been asked: “Is Obama moving to criminalize criticism of Islam?” Yes. That is patently obvious since he made the statement publicly that, “The future of America should not be enjoyed by those who slander the prophet.” That showed plainly his BIAS in favor of Islam. Then later he said, “The most beautiful sound in the world is the Muslim call to prayer.” What is it going to take for people to wake up to his love of Islam and his pushing of the Islamic purpose?

EGYPTIAN CLERICS WARN HEBDO: “Egyptian “clerics,” (Muslims all) have “warned” France's Charlie Hebdo against publishing more cartoons lampooning “the prophet” that got 11 of their employees killed by Muslim extremist fools. Of COURSE Muslim “clerics” think they shouldn't do it because Muslims will come in and kill some more of them. I think not only should THEY publish those cartoons, but every publication in the world should RE-publish them. The Muslims are trying to kill all non-Muslims, anyway, so let's give them too many targets to kill.

NO-GO ZONES: They actually have areas where their police do not go in France. All law enforcement in those zones is handled by Muslims under Sharia Law. What prompted the French to do this, I don't know, other than the STUPIDITY of their politicians. But EVERYBODY who MOVES to France should be REQUIRED to live under FRENCH law, not anything else. They don't make such exceptions for Americans, so why should they do so for Muslims? It's only incompetent, craven politicians who allow this sort of thing. Agreeing to it only makes the Islamic terrorists stronger. Anybody who even SUGGESTS we do this in this country should be run out of town on a rail.

DISARM THE COPS:That's what the United Nations (an organization run by, and full of, dictators, sheikhs, and kings) wants to do. They want cops to go up against heavily armed criminals who don't hesitate to kill WITHOUT their own guns, so they can meet the same fate of that unarmed cop who tried to stop the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris. I would say that these people are just STUPID, but I know that's just part of the campaign to “take over” America.

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