Thursday, January 22, 2015

Throwing Around OPM*

*Other People's Money. That's what liberals are good at. Notice they never throw around their own money. It's always somebody else's money. That's what Obama is proposing with his wish to make community colleges free. He doesn't have to pay for it, WE do. Obama makes more and more promises and creates more and more entitlements with OUR money, and HE takes credit for it. Like he did in the “Obama phone” scam. It made me sick to watch that loudmouthed female “moocher” brag about how she will get her “Obama phone,” He gets the credit, WE get the bill.

JIMMY CARTER'S A FOOL: He has been known to raise funds for HAMAS, one of the Palestinian Islamic terrorist groups in Israel. Then he has the temerity to say Israel is to blame for the Islamic terrorist killings in Paris. It is the old game of blaming the VICTIM that Islamics are best known for. Apparently the Islamic terrorists have gotten to him—or he's just exhibiting early symptoms of Alzheimer's. I personally just think he's STUPID.

WHERE'S SHARPTON? A BLACK cop is on trial in Chicago for killing a 95-year-old World War II vet who was in a nursing home, and not a peep out of Al or Jesse. I guess they aren't interested in black cops killing white men, It doesn't make them any money. And especially one so old. Like many liberals, they think somebody that old has no right to even BE still alive (They'll think that until they get that old—if nobody kills them earlier). Of course, they'll call this racist. That's their “fall-back position” whenever they're criticized.

BOY, DID THEY EVER FLUB! Outside a recruiting station in in Phoenix, they put out a sign that said, “On A Mission for God” which drew a “firestorm” of criticism. This is an illustration of just how far DOWN we have come, especially because of the comment from the Marines, themselves: “Headquarters would have never approved it.” Shudder to think GOD would have anything to do with it! As usual, they're carrying that IMAGINARY prohibition against the combination of “church and state,” which is NOT in the Constitution, to a new high level.

RUBBING IT IN: Obama invited an ILLEGAL alien to sit beside his wife at the State of the Union speech. Talk about rubbing it in! This president not only violates the law, he's PROUD of it! And he shows it by inviting Ana Zamora, an illegal alien to attend his State of the Union speech. How arrogant a criminal IS this? He thinks he's untouchable, and as long as his cohorts are in control, he's right. Somebody needs to slap this fool down.

TAKING THE CREDIT: Obama took credit for the lowering of the gas prices in his State of the Union speech, when he had NOTHING to do with it. But that's nothing new; he takes credit for ANYTHING good that happens while his rear end sits on its seat in the Oval Office. He apparently thinks just BEING president when something good happens makes him responsible. No so when something BAD happens. Then he has all kinds of spurious “causes” that have nothing to do with him. Gasoline prices are going down because OPEC wants to put “frackers” out of business. It's as simple as that.

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