Saturday, January 24, 2015

Obama's "Hissy Fit"

Thin-skinned Barcack Obama is having a classic “hissy fit” (lying on the floor, kicking and screaming) because Speaker Boehner invited Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak before a combined session of Congress without consulting him. As if he NEEDED to consult Obama before extending such an invitation. Last i heard, congress was an “equal partner” with the president. Congress is in NO WAY subservient to him. So where does he get off having a “hissy fit” over what Boehner did? This just shows again that he thinks he's the BOSS and Congress works for HIM. It isn't true, but he thinks it is, As usual, he's WRONG. He's so mad, he's refusing to see Netanyahu while he's there.

A TURD BY ANY OTHER NAME: It's still a turd. We constantly hear about al-Qaida, ISIS, IS, The Taliban, Boko Haram, Palestinians, etc., to describe various factions of Islamic terrorists. Who the hell CARES what we call them. They're mass MURDERERS, beheaders of men, women, and CHILDREN, organ sellers of Christians they have murdered, and kidnappers for ransom. They're ALL Islamic terrorists, whatever name they use to fool us. They're not soldiers; they're CRIMINALS. They need to be shot on sight when caught in the act.

TIRED OF IT: I'm getting very tired of all the jabber everywhere I look, about a couple of pounds of air in a football. Who cares? Seems to me they let THEMSELVES in for that when they allow the TEAMS to be in complete control of the balls before the games, and use TEAM employees to handle the balls DURING the games. That leaves it WIDE OPEN for problems. The balls should be handled ONLY by the NFL at all times, with somebody TRUSTWORTHY in charge. This is a typical “bread and circuses” situation, with the entire country's attention being on FOOTBALL instead of what the criminals running your government are doing to you.

BRYANT GUMBEL'S A FOOL: When asked a simple question in an interview, he sprayed everybody in range with his answer that basically said he “hates the NRA with a passion, based on his IGNORANCE on the subject of gun control. He didn't say it that way, but he DID admit to a complete LACK of knowledge on the subject, but he hates them, anyway. To be hated by Gumbel is a “badge of honor” for the NRA. Gumbel hates ANYBODY who successfully opposes something he promotes. Like most liberals, he probably thinks somebody should SHOOT all NRA members.

WHAT'S WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? UCLA broadcast a Muslim “call to prayer” over its loudspeakers and that is being protested by non-Muslim students. What the hell? Would they broadcast a similar call for Christians—or Jews--or Bhuddists? Not likely! They have laws against any vestige of religion in schools. They're STUPID laws, but they should be observed for Muslims as much as for other religions—not IGNORED, while being enforced for everybody else.

SAUDI CLERIC:OK TO SCREW CHILDREN: I've reported this before. But it needs to be reported as many times as it takes for somebody to notice and condemn many Muslims for what they are: murderers, beheaders of CHILDREN, SCREWERS of children, mass killers of ALL who don't believe the way they DICTATE. "Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti, Sheikh Abdulaziz Al al-Sheikh, the kingdom’s top religious authority in the ultra-conservative [Conservative? -RT] Wahhabi school of Sunni Islam, has ruled it’s acceptable for men to marry girls so young the West would deem it nothing short of pedophilia and rape. We're talking about girls as young as SIX, here. And they parade them before crowds. This is what they BELIEVE!

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