Monday, January 5, 2015

Reid Broke HIs Face

No, not in the most recent election. He broke it in a fall, at home. He broke some ribs, too. Harry was working out on a piece of exercise equipment when it broke, and he fell. It must have been built under Democrat regulations (cheap shot, I know, but probably true). It won’t slow him up much, apparently. He expects to be back in Washington by this weekend, to continue to bedevil Republicans while he still can. His time as “leader” of the Senate is becoming ever shorter and he wants to do as much damage to Republican hopes as possible in the time he has left as Senate boss.

SORRY ABOUT YESTERDAY: I’m 77, and some days aren’t as good as others. Well, you did get an extra day’s posts on New Year’s Eve, since I couldn’t stop. I was like a truck being cut off by a car and running over it. I’m thinking about taking Sunday off, anyway. I’ll let you know.

MUSLIMS EASY TO OFFEND: I might feel guilty doing something to “offend” Muslims if they weren’t so EASY to offend. They’re all pissed off at Selena Gomez for “showing her ankle” in public. They probably want to kill her for it. She’d probably better hire some armed security and make sure none of them are Muslim. They say she “insulted an entire religion,” but that’s false. Islam is NOT a “religion.” It is a political outfit PRETENDING to be a religion to take advantage of the “perks” we extend to REAL religions. It’s a CON, folks!

IMPOSING OUR VALUES: Muslims are the most vocal outfit there is when it come to “imposing our beliefs on them,” but they are the WORST people in the WORLD for imposing THEIR beliefs on others, mainly Christians and Jews. They get “offended” when an actress and singer (who is NOT a Muslim) actually has the temerity to show her ANKLE. It would be one thing if she were a MUSLIM, but she’s NOT. So to demand she NOT “show her ankle” is “pushing THEIR values on US. Don’t go to a country they run and try to start a Christian church. They won’t let you. And they might want to kill you. But try and stop them from building a MOSQUE in America and listen to them scream.

MORE PALIN BULLDERM: She allowed her small child to help her do some dishes and he was standing on top of his dog, who was fully cooperating, even wagging his tail. And the left went BALLISTIC, claiming she was “abusing” the dog, who was completely happy being a “support mechanism” for the little boy, whom he loves. This is a typical example of a phony, made-up “scandal” by the left to further discredit Sarah Palin so she won’t even CONSIDER running for president, because she might win.

RAISING AN ARMY: To fight cops. That’s what the “New Black Panthers” are doing. They SAY it’s for “self-defense,” but it’s really for MURDER of “unsuspecting” cops. But they only THINK the cops are “unsuspecting.” They’re more sensitive now than ever before to the possibility of being “shot from ambush” by criminals who want to make them afraid. But they won’t “make them afraid.” They’ll only make them more vigilant and quicker to act, which will feed Obama’s wish for a “race war” so he can make more laws and lay more taxes “to fight it.” And it will get more of them killed, creating a “self-fulfilling prophecy.”

“IT’S MODEST”: Liberals in Colorado are crying that they’ve only made a few million dollars in taxes on the legalized pot. They call it “modest.” But what they mean is, “It ain’t enough. We want MORE.” They ALWAYS want more. NO amount of taxation is EVER “enough” for them. They thought legalizing pot would create a “bonanza” in increased tax revenue, but it hasn’t lived up to their expectations. So now they want to raise the rates so they can suck even more money out of us. And they’ll probably want ALL of us, even those who DON’T use pot, to “contribute” (their word for “paying up”).

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