Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pushing HARD for a Race War

Black Democrat Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal, cognizant of her idol (Obama’s) wish to start a race war, is working HARD to accomplish it with her “white privilege” comments concerning Ferguson. Things had “died down” a bit there, so she’s “whipping it up” and trying to keep it going. But she’s only hurting herself politically, as some have said on Twitter, where they don’t much like her comments.

ANOTHER DAY LOST: Well, I spent most of yesterday at the “computer hospital” while the tech deleted all the garbage that was making it act so stupid, doing everything BUT what I was telling it to do. When I'd tell it something to do, I couldn't depend on it doing what I said. Instead, it often did six OTHER things and really sent my blood pressure sky high. It's not perfect, even now. But mostly it is doing what I tell it to do and any minor problems, I can work around. Unfortunately, by the time he finished, and I got home, it was again too late for this old body to stay awake long enough to post. Most of the problems are over for now (I hope).

WAR AGAINST CHRISTIANS: If Islam gains eminence in the United States, you can count on Christian churches being destroyed. In Nigeria, masked hoodlums (Islamic terrorists) have destroyed 200 churches during a short period around October, while killing, raping, and beheading as many Christians as they can while they’re at it. I notice they always hide their faces. Which tells me they’re cowards, even if I didn’t already know that. Christian scholars have noted that Christians have died for their beliefs at the rate of one every five minutes.

CHRISTIE IN TROUBLE—AGAIN: (sarcasm on) This time over something important. He’s a Dallas Cowboys fan. I know that’s such an important thing in the scheme of things, that everybody should hate him for it. (sarcasm off) Who the hell STARTS this crap? What the hell difference does it make who a politician likes on the FOOTBALL field? Sometimes (always) I wonder about the INTELLIGENCE of some politicians (mostly Democrats and other liberals), Damn! Getting mad at a Republican governor over the FOOTBALL TEAM he likes! If they can’t come up with anything better than that, they’re in deep doo-doo!

MUSLIMS GONE INSANE: They’re now saying, “Jesus Christ is among us, and He will soon tell all Christians to become Muslims. How STUPID is that? Do they really think Christians are that STUPID? Bad enough for atheists to say God RAPED Mary! People constantly try to mix Christians up by LYING about them. But it won’t work, any more than it worked on ME when two Jehovah's Witnesses LIED to me to try and convert ME to their cult many years ago. Nor will it work for Muslims with INTELLIGENT Christians.

GRASPING AT STRAWS: That’s what liberals are doing today in their ongoing efforts to discredit Sarah Palin. Now, they’re calling an innocent situation where her son was using his dog as a “stool” while helping Sarah do the dishes, animal abuse. The dog was enjoying himself, and was even wagging his tail. They called it “animal abuse” where there WAS no abuse. It’s a typical liberal scam, CREATING a crime where there was none. If that’s all they have against her, I feel sorry for them.

SHARPTON RESUMES DEMONSTRATIONS: He waited until the funerals were over, then resumed his demonstrations to promote KILLNG cops. What a damned fool he is! He CAUSED the atmosphere in which an insane criminal shot and killed two cops, who were doing nothing more than sitting in their squad car (which made him happy). His point is that cops shoot blacks for NO REASON, which is NOT TRUE. Then a criminal kills two cops for NO REASON in return, which IS TRUE. Cops who had done NOTHING to him OR the thug who killed them. Then he resumed the demonstrations after the cops’ funerals. Damn!

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