Wednesday, January 28, 2015

World War III Is Here!

Most of our politicians, even if they recognize the Islamic terrorists as a threat, have no idea just how much of a threat they are. Obama doesn't even recognize them as any kind of a major threat. He won't even use the WORDS “Islamic terrorists.” They are a threat that, if not completely ELIMINATED, threaten the entire world with their depredations. We must “pull out all the stops” in dealing with them, including “boots on the ground” in Iraq and wherever else they hide, and ALSO use air support (not by itself). We can't continue to do it in “half measures” that they laugh at while beheading CHILDREN and adults while killing as many Christians as they can.

KISSED NANCY, GOT SAD: After Boehner kissed Nancy Peelosi when she turned over the gavel, he was suddenly very sad (I don't blame him). Many people wonder why that is. That's easy. Kissing that, uh, witch would make the happiest man sad. Some say it's because Republicans say he “has no backbone.” But they've been saying that for a long time without an effect on his demeanor. Why should it change just because he “screwed up his guts” and kissed that hag? To operate like he does, he must have a very strong stomach, so kissing her is no stretch.

COPS KILL TEEN GIRL: In Denver the other day, cops killed a 16-year-old girl and many people are “up in arms.” They must be daft. That girl was trying to kill some cops and managed to run her STOLEN car over at least one of them. She learned a hard lesson: don't try to kill a cop unless you're ready to die. A car driven by a teen can kill you the same as if it were driven by someone older. She learned a hard lesson but didn't have long to react to it; being dead. Update: Now they're claiming the cops shot her BEFORE she ran over the cop. Sure. Cops shoot into a carful of kids without cause every day, don't they? Sheesh!

THE GLOBAL WARMING HOAX: It's all about ONE DEGREE increase in temperature over 100 YEARS! There couldn't be anything LESS IMPORTANT that has had more money made on it. It has made former VP Al Gore a BILLIONAIRE promoting it. So-called “climate scientists” have ADMITTED to falsifying their findings to keep the grants coming while none other than that con man in the White House is using it to con us into willingly paying higher taxes to “fight it” while he makes more and more tight regulations and laws to control us further. But it's NOT HAPPENING. The globe has NOT been “warming” for more than 15 YEARS! That's an “inconvenient truth” Gore IGNORES.

OBAMA'S LYING AGAIN: He's DELUSIONAL if he thinks he can make us believe ISIS is '”on the run” while it's “running all over the landscape” killing, raping (adults and children), beheading their kidnap victims when we don't pay them “homage,” etc. He crows about “ending two wars,” ignoring the fact that he “ended” them by running away and leaving the locals to the “tender mercies” of evil murderers, who are killing people with abandon. He's doing his best to let them WIN, hoping they will put him in charge when they do. What a damned fool he is! And ugly, to boot.

WALKER: PLUS OR MINUS? Scott Walker is everything a conservative wants in a president. So is Sarah Palin. But the left has done a good job of vilifying Sarah, and is in the process of doing the same to Walker. They're deathly afraid one of them will run, and be elected, And all their ill dealings will soon be reversed. We need to elect one or BOTH of them president and vice president. But who will get the nomination? Probably whoever's “turn it is.”

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