Wednesday, January 14, 2015

World Cowers In Fear?

At least, that’s what the Islamic scum would like it to do. But it’s not. Yes, there ARE some who are “cowering in fear.” But they cower just over a local teen thug with a gun, since they don’t have one with which to defend themselves, thanks to one Barack Hussein Obama and his crowd. Personally, I DON’T “cower in fear.” For them to kill the likes of me would be to waste a bullet. My doctor tells me I’ve outlasted the life span of most quadruple bypass victims, already. If somebody kills me, okay. I’ve lived long enough, anyhow. And maybe I can take a few with me.

FIGHTING FRIZZY HAIR”: That’s what ABC covered, INSTEAD of the beginning of the Historic, Republican-controlled Congress, the like of which hasn’t been seen in many years. This is how the liberal media twists the news to suit themselves. They cover UNIMPORTANT things INSTEAD of important things like this. If you constantly watch only the liberal media, like ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN, you’d never know the Republicans won a stupendous victory in the 2014 elections. And that’s the way they like it.

CRYING OVER LOW GAS PRICES: The liberals in our esteemed government are “disturbed.” Disturbed over falling gas prices. As prices fall, as when people USE less gas, the amount of tax money they get goes down, too. And they can’t have that. One liberal was heard to say, “Now they’re spending less for gas, we can raise the gas taxes.” In other words, they aren’t getting enough tax money, so they’re going to raise it so we spend the same, but most of it goes to the government, instead of the PRODUCERS of the product. Typical.

DON’T CALL IT TERRORISM”: As with the Ft. Hood killings by a screaming Muslim terrorist was called, “workplace violence” instead of what it was, Islamic terrorism, Obama’s White House is dithering on whether or not to call the murders in Paris of several newspaper employees by “Allahu Akbar” screaming Muslims talking about “revenge” for that newspaper “insulting the prophet. What does it take for Obama to see the truth? What a damned fool he is, to think we won’t KNOW it’s an Islamic terrorist attack if he labels it otherwise!

NEED FOR STRICTER GUN CONTROL”: The first cops who showed up where 12 people were murdered at a magazine in Paris that had “insulted Islam arrived on BICYCLES and were UNARMED. Meanwhile, the killers had ROCKET LAUNCHERS and other major arms. The cops had to FLEE when the “bad guys” came out and drove away. Which means those UNARMED cops were worth less than tits on a boar. The French are apparently where our liberals want OUR cops to be. unarmed, and USELESS.

CHILLING EFFECT” ON PRESS: The Islamic terrorists are doing more than just extract revenge for the cartoons that French newspaper did that so “offended” the terrorists. They killed 12 people specifically to frighten others into NOT publishing items that, in ant way, “offended” Islamic terrorists. It’s their effort to CONTROL the media and make them AFRAID to publish ANYTHING against Islamic terrorists or terrorism. That might work on a FEW people, but not MOST people in our “free society. People in Muslim countries ARE deathly afraid to “offend” Islamic terrorists, which is why they keep their mouths shut.

NO EXCUSES LEFT”: The Washington Examiner says, “Obama has no excuses left” to avoid approving the Keystone Pipeline. So will he veto the law that just passed BOTH houses to allow it? Absolutely. Obama doesn't care about “excuses.” If he has none, he makes them up, and DEFIES us to call him a liar. And if we do call him a liar, he ignores it and goes right on as if we had said nothing. He does what he wants, and to hell with what WE want. He can't run for office again, and his only hope to stay in charge is the Islamic terrorists winning and KEEPING him in office. The biggest mistake we ever made was electing him to ANY office! He's using it as a “springboard” to a dictatorship, as Hitler did in Germany.

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